3 Types of Girls, 3 Types of Fashion Internships

We often hear from teenage girls who dream about an internship in fashion. Fashion internships can involve a multitude of experiences, so as we meet with individual students, we try to identify the type of experience that would best match their skills and particular interests.



 Daniela Corte and Hannah during fashion internship


Hannah was passionate about writing and fashion. We established an internship for her at the Newbury Street studio of Boston designer, Daniela Corte.
Hannah learned all aspects of running a fashion business. Her responsibilities included contacting high-end boutiques across the country, greeting clients and fashion editors, making travel arrangements, blogging about fashion and products and working on photo shoots.

Not only did Hannah learn what goes on behind the scenes, she learned what it takes to be a professional.


“Because I’m representing Daniela, I must be professional, knowledgeable, organized and responsible. It’s important to embody the vibe of her company. Seeing how she interacts with customers and industry insiders has given me a whole new outlook on how I need to present myself…I can actually see myself growing and learning.” –Hannah




Lauren had previously taken the Saturday program at the Fashion Institute of New York and wanted to have a “behind the scenes” experience in the fashion industry. We matched her to an on-line fashion company with an energetic young staff.


“What I love about the company is that my responsibilities vary day to day. I have catalogued merchandise, worked on the set of photo shoots and organized marketing events. My favorite thing was assisting guest stylists.”–Lauren


Her mentor wrote a wonderful recommendation and said that Lauren was actually helping the college interns!


“Lauren exceeded all expectations with each assigned project. Her poise made her seem mature beyond her years and her responsibilities quickly expanded. She will undoubtedly be very successful in any direction she chooses.”




Sophie was a sophisticated young woman interested in fashion and makeup. Because of her experience as a thoughtful consumer, she was able to express her own opinions about how items could be packaged and marketed more effectively.


We matched Sophie to a seasoned marketing mentor who was in the initial stages of starting a focus group and online community for girls to share their shopping finds, beauty advice, and style tips. Her responsibilities included: involvement in online marketing + social media efforts through short-form communications, watching, storyboarding and writing short video segments on new trends. Sophie learned about starting a fashion and beauty business and was able to express her views and opinions to the Senior Directors of this early stage company.


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