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Jennifer, High School internship – Government and Law

Jennifer is the Filomen M. D’Agostino Scholar for Women and Children, at NYU Law School. After she completes her law degree, she plans to further explore her interests in international development, law, and human rights.

We first met Jennifer when she was a high school student. We were so impressed with Jennifer’s determination to succeed, commuting a significant distance from Boston everyday to BB&N in Cambridge and at the same time, holding down a job after school. Because she was interested in government and law, we established an internship for her at the MA State House with Representative Jeffrey Sanchez.

Were are thrilled that Jennifer has stayed in contact with us over the years. She became president of her freshman class at Bryn Mawr, graduating cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science: Comparative Politics and International Relations.

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Nathaniel, High School internship – Art and Design

Nat is currently the Creative Director at Overtone Studios, a cross-platform, gaming communications app for voice and chat technology. In high school, Nat was a talented artist and wanted to learn about potential art careers. We established an internship for him at Mystic Scenic Studios, a set design company whose clients included Walt Disney Studios and the Boston Ballet.

After Newton South High School, Nat went on to Cornell majoring in art with a BFA and continued on for his Masters Degree at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts graduate program in Interactive Telecommunications.
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Benjamin, High School Internship- STEM/Nanotechnology

Ben is the Founder and CEO of Privy, an Ecommerce company that supports 200,000+ marketers in over 180 countries.

Ben was a junior at Newton South High School when he became interested in what was a new scientific field at the time called nanotechnology. After researching the companies in Boston area, we connected him to the CEO of Nantero, which at that time was a new startup in greater Boston. At Nantero, Ben was trained to work on wafer-scale electron beam lithography, using a scanning electron microscope to define high-resolution features on test chips. The Chief Scientific officer wrote a stellar recommendation for college and Ben was accepted to Cornell where there was ongoing research in nanotechnology.

 Ben’s high school internship in a STEM field jump-started his career. Following that, each successive internship led to the next one. Hired immediately from his last college internship, he began his career journey in technology.

 “My internships provided a first hand experience of several, very different career paths. Summer long exposure in each different environment was all it took for me to change or validate my true passions. “

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A Moving Physical Therapy Summer Internship For A High School Junior

A Physical Therapy Internship

Adaptive Sports Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Spaulding sign

What a moving visit we had to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, the site of David’s summer internship. David, a junior at Buckingham, Browne and Nichols, and his older sister are long time Internship Connection clients.  David has always been interested in science, so two summers ago, we placed David on a robotics internship. More recently, after recovering from knee surgery from a soccer injury, David was so impressed with the support and encouragement he received from his physical therapist, he thought that he might consider physical therapy as a career.


We placed David in the Adaptive Sports Program at Spaulding Rehab. As an athlete and compassionate young man, he could appreciate what it takes to get back into sports after an injury. In addition, he was also able to shadow a therapist working in their therapy gym. Spaulding in Charlestown is a magnificent facility on Boston Harbor where the Boston Marathon bombing victims were treated.

David assisting a patient


“The two main activities we do are canoeing and biking. The patients have fantastic life stories. They have gone through so much, so to help them stay fit and have fun is very rewarding. I get to meet new people every single day. Encouraging them to talk and bond with me is a key part of making both my day and their day fun. All the time, I’m asking patients about their lives…listening to them and just being a friend makes me feel that I am making their day better.”

Spaulding building


adapted bikes




Adapting a canoe





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This Young Intern Helped Make Waves At Swim Across America

“What set Olivia apart from other interns was her age. She was much younger than interns we have had in the past, but her work ethic and skills put her in the best company of some of our best interns.”


-Kathleen Mannion, Director of Programs, Swim Across America


swimming man and clean ocean water

Olivia was a sophomore athlete at Marblehead High, who loved sports and community service. We felt that both her maturity as well as familiarity with all forms of social media would be a plus for any business or organization. Since she would be taking the commuter boat from the North Shore, we tried to be very careful in scouting out an internship location that would be convenient for her.


Swim Across America fit our checklist in every way: great mentors, a perfect match for Olivia’s combined interests and a 5 minute walk to International Place from the commuter boat. Swim Across America is a national non-profit dedicated to raising money for cancer research through swimming related events.





Olivia wrote:


“So far at Swim Across America, I have learned a lot of new things about the “real world”. My office is located at One International Place, one of the fanciest office buildings in Boston. Not only being in this building, but being on the top floor, my initial feelings about the work environment were like any other 15 year old’s would be, extremely nervous and anxious. However, once I met Kay and Blake, the transition became a lot more smooth and comfortable. They are two very down to earth people and relatable people and it feels extremely natural working with them.


I have helped Blake and Kay out with various tasks. These include: mailing out special T-shirts to those who have reached the “wavemaker donor status, organizing the Swim Across America bill book, correcting duplicates in the online registrant system, helping reply to messages on Twitter, and updating photos on Flickr.

olivia 2


In her letter of recommendation, the Director wrote:


“Olivia was able to help us with social media, which no intern has done for us in the past. In addition, I asked her to be part of one of our events. She was very hands on, doing whatever was asked of her- the first to carry a box, set up a banner. No task was too small or big for her. Olivia is a wonderful young woman with the combination of a studied head and a charitable heart. She is going to be a great success, whatever she chooses to do.


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We Secured A Coveted Sports Internship For This High School Sophomore

Male High School Basketball Team Having Team Talk With Coach

When I ask young men who have called about our program- “What would be your fantasy internship”, almost always their answer is “Interning for the Boston Red Sox.”  While those coveted spots are few and far between, their response tells me that a sports related internship would be ideal.


Case in point was Billy, a sophomore at Phillips Academy. Billy was already a talented writer, the Head Manager at Press Room Sports: Boston, a sports blog thatprovided regional news, analysis, and opinions from writers who are just as passionate as their readers.” Billy had written weekly on topics ranging from the Celtics’ rebuilding plans to the “State of the NBA.” He had also written weekly articles for the sports and features section of his school newspaper.


We were able to match Billy to one of the coolest and most successful startups located on the Boston Waterfront. Coachup helps athletes reach the next level by connecting them with private coaches in every sport, nationwide.

Billy Coachup

In his journal, Billy wrote:

“The atmosphere at CoachUp has been awesome and I’ve always felt accepted, even though I’m the youngest in the office. It’s great being able to work in an environment I enjoy, rather than one I dread. My mentor, like the rest of the office, is very upbeat and positive. The environment is young, friendly, and enjoyable.”


What have you been doing there?

Working on my big project: the e-Book. The e-Book is comprised of articles written by myself and other interns with information we’ll be gathering from conducting phone interviews with some of CoachUp’s more notable coaches (i.e. ex-professionals/college notables).

Other projects include:

  • Working with their website
  • Fixing links on their blogs
  • Sifting through messages between coaches and clients
  • Approving/disapproving many coaching applications
  • Writing some of my own video tip blogs


Can you describe a situation during your internship in which you really put yourself out there? How did it made you feel and what did you learn about yourself?


A couple of weeks ago I conducted my first phone interview for the e-Book project with former NBA player Lamond Murray. I was kind of nervous at first, because I wasn’t too sure of how seriously he was going to take the interview. I was amazed at how thoughtful he was throughout our conversation and how much information he shared with me about how he grew up playing basketball. I was ecstatic with how well the interview went and even decided to write an extra blog about Lamond’s life because he gave me so much information (you can find the blog on CoachUp’s website). The success of Lamond’s interview instilled a lot of confidence in me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better first interview.


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Michael, High School internship – Medicine

Discovering a true career interest often takes a circuitous path. Michael is currently a Tech/VC attorney representing emerging companies and venture capital investors at Morse Barnes-Brown & Pendleton. However, in high school, Michael thought he would be interested in medicine, so we matched him to a medical internship where he had the opportunity to work in a hospital and observe 2 surgical procedures. To Michael’s surprise, he realized the hospital environment was not for him.

Michael wrote, “Through this experience, I realized that working in a hospital environment, while fascinating, wasn’t for me. Because it gave me such early exposure, I was able to eliminate it as a career interest before investing time and money in a college major as well as medical school.” Following this experience, Michael’s college internships took an interesting turn.

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Raphael Now Has Diverse Legal Career Options, Growth And Opportunity



As a sophomore at Brookline High, Raphael told us that his interests included helping people and soccer. Like many high school students we meet, they often dream about sports-related internships. Yet, in our discussions with him, Raphael also mentioned that he might be interested in law.


We felt that a law-related internship would help him gain exposure to a career field at an early age. Rather than placing him in a law office where his role would most likely consist of filing, we placed him at a very busy courthouse where he interned for the Clerk of Courts. Raphael answered phones, delivered legal documents and assisted the clerk with various duties.


raphael 3


Most importantly, he was able to sit down with judges, the district attorney as well as defense attorneys, who briefed him on their roles in the judiciary system. He told us that the most exciting aspect of his internship was observing ongoing civil and criminal cases in the courtroom.


Raphael found his experience inspirational and is hoping to pursue his interest in law in the future.


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Kiran Launched His Dream Career With A Film Production Internship

Internship Connection student in warehouse


Kiran was a sophomore in college when he contacted us about his interest in broadcasting/TV/film. We introduced him to a film studio in Boston that provides studio space for TV commercials and the film industry. His first experience at work included the Massachusetts Production Coalition Meeting where there were large groups of students, producers, voice over artists, and others in the film industry. During the meeting the producers of the new movie Ted 2 (with Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg) gave a talk about the making of the film.


Kiran with sets


Kiran worked on 2 soundstages that included wardrobe & makeup rooms, on-stage production space as well as a fully stocked in-house rental house for lighting, grip, and every type of production equipment. He helped to fill orders of equipment that other companies needed or were returning. He also conducted research to help expand the studio’s influence in the Massachusetts area, brainstorming with the director about ways to reach out through various social media channels and researched film festivals to find other avenues for promotion.


At the end of the summer, we presented Kiran with a list of production, broadcasting and sound studios that we had researched for him. Not only did Kiran gain practical experience in the field, he will have interesting contacts for the future.


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How Nicole Got Face Time With Dozens Of Investors At Boston’s Ed Tech Accelerator

Nicole and Asad
Nicole with her mentor, the Director of LearnLaunchX


We had placed Nicole on a business internship when she was still in high school. She contacted us again looking for a second, but different type of business experience after she had completed her freshman year of college. 


After speaking to Nicole, we thought that she should gain exposure to what’s very current and exciting in the business world these days. Now that the concept of business startups has matured years beyond companies such as Facebook and Twitter, the business accelerator programs that foster these young companies are expanding rapidly on college campuses and cities around the world. One incubator in Boston is quite unique, its mission to help early-stage education technology companies bring their promising technology solutions successfully to market.


LearnLaunchX office
LearnLaunchX startup incubator


LearnLaunchX provides seed funding, office space and mentorship for entrepreneurs who have been selected for their innovative ideas related to education technology. The culmination of their three-month program is the final presentation (Demo Day) to hundreds of angel investors and venture capitalists.


Words From Nicole’s Journal

In her journal, Nicole tells us what’s she’s been up to on her internship:


Conducted cohort interviews with the CEO’s about the program
Took notes from Cohort Pitches to Angel Investors
Created teacher and tech surveys, questionnaires, activities and flyer for Hackathon Event
Researched Edtech newsletters for relevant information
Organized Edtech Investments, company’s leads, contact list and cohort calendar


What has been the best part of your internship?


The best part of my internship has been doing work to prepare for all the events happening at LearnLaunchX, actually working at the events and meeting such a wide variety of business leaders and investors.


Can you describe a situation when you had to be a bit courageous during your internship?


After Demo Day, my boss wanted me to collect the cohort’s feedback about the event, as well as conduct interviews with them about their overall experience at LearnLaunchX.  Since I didn’t know the participants very well yet, I was a little uncomfortable asking for their feedback about Demo Day. In addition, I had to create questions to ask the CEOs of each company about their thoughts on the program. I had never done anything like this before and I wasn’t sure what kind of questions to ask them because I didn’t know much about the program, but in spite of my reservations, it all went very smoothly. 


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