College Internships

Our program is unique because we actually establish the internship for you.

Internship Connection counselors have Master’s Degrees in counseling or education and have work experience and contacts in a wide variety of fields. We match your career goals to workplace mentors who continually seek out our interns. Let us help you achieve your career goals by simplifying the steps needed to secure an internship.
For out of state students we can recommend a variety of short-term housing options, including certain college and universities that set aside housing during the summer.

Program Components

  • Suggestions for short term housing or home stays
  • Guidance relating academic interests and talents to career possibilities
  • Assistance with creating a resume and preparing for a workplace interview
  • Securing and Coordinating the Internship Placement

Our process is grounded in Academics:

  • Colleges are interested a student who is well rounded but who also has a special academic interest or talent that they have pursued in-depth.
  • Often students have no idea about their career interest, but by reviewing the student’s courses and extra-curricular activities, we help them identify a “thread of interest” that can be developed further through an internship.
  • Then we research and contact potential mentors and establish an internship that will enhance the student’s learning experience and academic resume.

We guide students through each step of the program:

  • Each student receives program materials related to: creating a resume, prepping for a workplace interview, asking for a letter of recommendation.
  • We provide guidance as students are working by responding to Internship Connection Journals. Journals have been designed with specific questions that are meant to foster reflection.
  • Counselors provide feedback on journals, maintain contact with workplace mentors and when appropriate, make site visits.

We have placed college students in exciting tech startups, physical therapy at a local hospital, costume design and stage management for a prestigious theater, teaching in the inner-city, technology for a green tech startup, finance at an investment group, law, bio-tech and more.

Let us make this an exciting and productive time by creating an experience designed specifically for you!

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