Jackie’s Startup Internship on the Boston Waterfront

As a sophomore at Choate Rosemary Hall, Jackie was interested in startups and technology. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, she had moved to Boston from Silicon Valley and was seeking a meaningful summer internship. We connected Jackie to Cashtivity, whose office was located in an exciting startup accelerator in Boston’s Innovation District. Cashtivity is a technology and data driven company, producing learning products based on challenges to enliven the entrepreneurial spirit and skills of K-12 students.
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Ben, High School internship – Technology

Ben is an MBA candidate at Stanford and the Co-founder Verix, a business intelligence software company headquartered in Los Altos, California.

When he was a sophomore at Phillips Academy, Ben told us that he was interested in both technology and business. We established an internship for him in technology operations and systems management, working directly under the Vice President of Technology in a large company in Boston. Ben oversaw computer hardware and software maintenance within this e-commerce firm of 700+ employees. He managed systems networking equipment during office expansion and created basic HTML code for internal company use. Ben felt fortunate to receive a stellar recommendation for college from his mentor.

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An Inspiring Workplace For Boston’s Entrepreneurial Community

Cartoon Wallpaper, A Swinging Work Table and Free Beer

Does that sound like the sedate office spaces of the past? This past summer, we were welcomed for an on- site visit to We Work, a coworking office space in Boston and site of Travis, our marketing intern.
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Divya, High School internship – Business

Divya is currently an MBA Candidate at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern, following a six year career at Wayfair.

In the summer of 2011, Divya was a junior at Boston University and enrolled in our program, seeking a summer internship related to business. We helped her create a resume, prepped her for her workplace interview and established an internship in product development at Publisher’s Clearing House NY, near her home on Long Island.

Then, in 2012, as a college senior, Divya turned to us again for a second internship with the intent of further building her resume. We were in touch with our contacts at Boston-based Wayfair, the fastest growing on-line retailer of home goods in the U.S. Our thoughts were that since Divya already had product experience at her previous internship, this would make her an attractive candidate. After her interview, she was immediately accepted to an internship and following that, her first job.

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Startup Internships: Are You Ready To Join One Of These Exciting Companies?


What could be more exciting than interning at a really cool company with really bright young employees?  If you are a fan of Twitter, SnapChat or Vine or watch pitches on Shark Tank, you may have what it takes to join an exciting startup in Boston.



Exciting Startup Internship


A startup summer internship would give you experience in the tech world, at a business accelerator where early-stage entrepreneurs are supported by a variety of resources and networking events. In these companies, dozens of creative young people build exciting businesses. Everything from Fashion, Sports, Health Care/Life Sciences, Social Impact, Energy/Clean Tech, Education and more.


Internship Connection places dozens of students every summer in exciting startup internships. Fancred, CoachUp, HerCampus, Wayfair, Great Point Energy, Bow and Drape are just a few startups that have taken our students as summer interns.


Once immersed in these exciting environments, students often learn about and attend seminars and networking events in the Boston startup community. Pictured are CEO’s on a panel at Harvard Business School, speaking about their experiences building their own companies. The featured speaker that day was Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber.





Startup Internship Panel




How One Student Built A Career On Successive Internships

Ben’s Story: A Path to a Career


The following story is an example of how one student built a career based on successive internships. You will learn how his high school internship jump- started his career.


Now age 28, Ben told us:

“My internships provided a first hand experience of several, very different career paths. Summer long exposure in each different environment was all it took for me to change or validate my true passions. “


Ben was a junior at Newton South High School when he became interested in what was a new scientific field at the time called nanotechnology. After researching the companies in Boston area, we connected him to the CEO of Nantero, a new startup in Woburn, MA.


Nantero logo



Nantero electrons


At Nantero, Ben was trained to work on wafer-scale electron beam lithography, using a scanning electron microscope to define high resolution features on test chips.


The Chief Scientific officer wrote a stellar recommendation for college and Ben was accepted to Cornell where there was ongoing research in nanotechnology.


During his freshman summer in college, because he had already interned in Nanotech in high school, he was able to parlay that internship to a prestigious internship in New York City. Lux Research is an independent research and advisory firm, providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence on emerging technologies. While at Lux, he co-authored The Nanotech Report, a widely distributed reference guide for fortune 500 companies and corporate investors.


Lux Research Logo


The following summer in New York City, Ben piggybacked his previous experiences to an internship in wealth management at UBS, a Swiss global financial services company.




After two summers in NYC, Ben realized that he preferred Boston as a place to live and build a career, so after his junior year in college, Ben interned at Great Point Energy, a venture-backed natural resource company, producing natural gas from clean coal.


GreatPoint Energy


Ben was hired as an analyst immediately after his college graduation at this clean energy firm.  

He continued his working relationship with one of the partners there who formed GreatPoint Ventures, focusing on business development and operations for early stage cleantech and biotech portfolio companies.


GreatPoint Ventures


One of their portfolio companies was Oasys Water which provides technology that lowers the cost to produce clean water from salt water sources. At age 26, Ben became a founding partner at Oasys.


Oasis Water


After learning how companies are formed and funded, at age 28, Ben founded his own startup, Privy, where he is CEO today. Privy helps restaurants and retail brands with multi-channel customer acquisition and is a portfolio company of Atlas Ventures.



An internship will lead you to a path of discovery and will either confirm an interest or lead you to a new direction. What will be your path to discovery?


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9 Shark Tank Start Up Lessons You Might Learn This Summer

Shark Tank T.V. Show


Have you ever wondered how the aspiring entrepreneurs on Shark Tank develop business pitches to investors?


Would you like to catch a glimpse of how guys like Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook? 


There are over 450 companies in Kendall Square, Cambridge, over 200 startups in the Boston Innovation District on the waterfront and over 100 in Boston’s Downtown Crossing. You too, can get involved in this exciting way of life.


Some of our most fascinating Boston internships for the last 3 years have been at some of these companies. Here are some of the things you might learn:


–         What does it take to come up with a business idea?

–         What goes into an effective pitch?

–         Who funds startup companies?

–         Which are some of the most successful startups in Boston?

–         Where are some of the hundreds of networking events (called meetups by techies) in Boston and Cambridge?

–         What is a co-working space?

–         What are the more well-known business incubators in Boston?

–         What does each day look like at a startup?

–         What are some of the roles individuals play at these companies?



Whether you are a high school or college student, our business mentors will give you a rarified glimpse into this exceptional community of entrepreneurs.  

A sampling of our mentor companies

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Eshaan’s Two Startup Internships Got Him Innovating and Building Businesses

We met Eshaan when he was a sophomore at Newton South High School. Eshaan had many interests including science. We connected him To Hyungsoo Kim, a graduate of MIT Sloan School, who was developing a watch for the blind and was a semifinalist in the MIT 100k competition. Hyungsoo was happy to hear that high school students were interested in entrepreneurship.

A watch for the blind

Eshaan helped with research and general tasks and wrote a script for the company video. He wrote:


“Many times Hyungsoo, or one of his colleagues would give me an assignment and I would have to figure out what they wanted and deliver it to them. In essence, they gave me a lot of freedom, but at the same time I had lots of responsibility because they would be counting on me to meet their expectations. One of the best parts of my internship was meeting interesting individuals who are all extremely talented and genuine. This internship has been one of the most productive and memorable experiences.”

A Second Internship in San Francisco

Eshaan stayed in touch with his mentor and became passionate about startups. He came to us for a second internship the following summer. Because he had relatives he could stay with in the San Francisco area, we established an internship at Chewse, a startup company that provides office administrators a customized, simple way to get lunch catered for their businesses.

Eshaan was involved in Customer Acquisition and Growth

He gained in-depth exposure to the process of building a business. He said:

“I worked directly with the head of customer acquisition, who gave me interesting long-term projects. I tracked new leads, researched start-up companies, determined who to target and how to target through various media channels. I conducted analysis of both competitors and customer feedback. Often times my mentor would give me a project to complete and I would have to find a way to finish it by coming up with and using my own methods.”


By the end of Eshaan’s junior summer of high school, he had already gained exposure to two very different startup companies. He continues to stay in contact with his mentors and we are certain that he will build upon his high school internships throughout college.

How Bart Broke From College And Seized The Business World

Bart was an excellent student and had finished his sophomore year at Union College. During one summer, he worked in the physics department on a research project, when he came to the realization that science may not be his chosen career. He wanted to take time off from college to explore the world of business.


Massachusetts State Seal
Massachusetts State Seal
Source: Wikimedia Commons


Bart’s Boston Business Internship

After helping Bart create a resume and prepping him for an interview, we connected Bart to one of our program mentors, the Chief Operating Officer of the Massachusetts Office of Business Development. This state agency is the central point of contact for any business or corporation that is seeking to expand or locate in the Commonwealth.


Bart’s description


The following is an excerpt from Bart’s journal:


1. Tell me about your experiences so far. You can talk about your mentor, the work environment, and your initial perceptions.


Everything is excellent!  Aiden has been keen to keep me in the loop of the work in the office.  Originally, he made sure to let me learn about office work and the role of this specific department and the programs they provide.  There was a large EACC meeting in Worcester that he took me to and it was quite informative on the formal meetings and regulations of government.  Before the meeting, there were several hearings pertaining to companies that haven’t held their part of the bargain, so to speak, and therefore were due to be decertified from the EDIP program.  It was interesting to see how those somewhat informal business meetings went, and certainly opened my eyes to aspects of the business world.  Obviously, I am viewing it through the role of the government, but that fact has many merits in its own right.


2. List the kinds of things that you’ve been doing at work.


As an intern, I’m here to learn and help – which you correctly predicted.  Using the business database, Salesforce, I’ve updated two of their outdated spreadsheets that they send out to companies when considering relocating or expanding into Massachusetts.  One was a comparison of 14 competitive states on rankings such as entrepreneurial opportunity and capital, as well as incentives and more.  The other was a specific comparison of 26 states with respect to their Research and Development Tax Incentives.


Concerning my mentor, the work environment, and my initial perceptions, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.  From what I’ve seen, I can check the business world off as a possible path for me.  Aiden O’Garro deserves many praises, just as I expected from the praises that you gave him.


The Chief Operating Officer’s account


The COO wrote:


“Bart is doing great! He attended the EACC meeting last week where he got to see how companies are awarded state tax incentives based on their job creation commitments. The meeting was open to the public; he saw various company executives, local, and state politicians. It was a good experience for him. He is very well mannered and always eager to help. We are glad to have him for the summer.”


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