How One Student Built A Career On Successive Internships

Ben’s Story: A Path to a Career


The following story is an example of how one student built a career based on successive internships. You will learn how his high school internship jump- started his career.


Now age 28, Ben told us:

“My internships provided a first hand experience of several, very different career paths. Summer long exposure in each different environment was all it took for me to change or validate my true passions. “


Ben was a junior at Newton South High School when he became interested in what was a new scientific field at the time called nanotechnology. After researching the companies in Boston area, we connected him to the CEO of Nantero, a new startup in Woburn, MA.


Nantero logo



Nantero electrons


At Nantero, Ben was trained to work on wafer-scale electron beam lithography, using a scanning electron microscope to define high resolution features on test chips.


The Chief Scientific officer wrote a stellar recommendation for college and Ben was accepted to Cornell where there was ongoing research in nanotechnology.


During his freshman summer in college, because he had already interned in Nanotech in high school, he was able to parlay that internship to a prestigious internship in New York City. Lux Research is an independent research and advisory firm, providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence on emerging technologies. While at Lux, he co-authored The Nanotech Report, a widely distributed reference guide for fortune 500 companies and corporate investors.


Lux Research Logo


The following summer in New York City, Ben piggybacked his previous experiences to an internship in wealth management at UBS, a Swiss global financial services company.




After two summers in NYC, Ben realized that he preferred Boston as a place to live and build a career, so after his junior year in college, Ben interned at Great Point Energy, a venture-backed natural resource company, producing natural gas from clean coal.


GreatPoint Energy


Ben was hired as an analyst immediately after his college graduation at this clean energy firm.  

He continued his working relationship with one of the partners there who formed GreatPoint Ventures, focusing on business development and operations for early stage cleantech and biotech portfolio companies.


GreatPoint Ventures


One of their portfolio companies was Oasys Water which provides technology that lowers the cost to produce clean water from salt water sources. At age 26, Ben became a founding partner at Oasys.


Oasis Water


After learning how companies are formed and funded, at age 28, Ben founded his own startup, Privy, where he is CEO today. Privy helps restaurants and retail brands with multi-channel customer acquisition and is a portfolio company of Atlas Ventures.



An internship will lead you to a path of discovery and will either confirm an interest or lead you to a new direction. What will be your path to discovery?


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Why You Need To Start Your Summer 2014 Internship Search Now

 Summer 2014 Internship


It’s not too early—not by a long shot—to start your search for a summer 2014 internship. In fact, now’s just when you should start, as you’ll have a much better chance of finding a high-quality experience in line with your interests if you’re looking well in advance. The formal recruiting process often begins as early as September.


The best positions are in high demand; if you put off the search, someone else might nab one that would have been perfect for you. Remember, many companies consider your approach to applying for an internship—along with the internship itself—as some indication of your potential job performance. Procrastination doesn’t reflect terribly well on your organizational and planning capabilities.


So—what do you gain by getting started on your summer 2014 internship search now?


(1) You’ll work with smart, energetic professionals on real, challenging projects at one of Boston’s great companies.


An internship isn’t a mere exercise: It’s a chance to step right into real-world work with real-world colleagues. There’s no better introduction to the professional world.


(2) You’ll discover firsthand what areas of the business best suit your talents and interests.


Interning is hugely instructive: For one thing, it allows you to refine your career aspirations. Tasting directly the atmosphere of a given field—and learning whether it appeals to you—gives you much more substantial criteria upon which to base your academic and professional trajectory.


(3) You may create job opportunities for yourself, given that many Boston companies look to hire fulltime employees from summer internship programs.


It’s not wishful thinking: Internships often bloom into jobs. Consider the employer’s perspective: An intern has already been rigorously vetted, and is intimately familiar with the specific business environment. If you approach your internship with utmost professionalism, you may end up a paid employee. Again, though, that professionalism should start with the application process.


(4) High-school students can gain a competitive edge when applying to colleges and jobs by proving in-depth interest and experience in a career/academic field.


Application committees delight when they see students who’ve shown real initiative by investing time and energy into an internship—particularly one in a trade or discipline they’re considering as a career.


(5) Live at home and benefit from a part-time internship program designed to fit your schedule.


Internship Connection can help you find a flexible interning experience you can pursue even while working or attending school.


(6) Get started now and you’ll be fully prepared.


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