High School Resume

High School Resume Guidance For Upward Bound Students

December/January is the time of year students should be thinking about summer jobs and internships. Creating a high school resume is the first step necessary before reaching out to a potential place of work.


We recommend that students create a 1-page resume, listing only their most important activities and experiences. The rule of thumb for resumes is 1 page per 10 years of experience.


Sample Format for a Chronological Resume using Action Verbs.


* The sections for athletics and honors can be omitted if not applicable.


high school resume


When describing degree of expertise in language:


For basic knowledge, use the term: “working knowledge of Mandarin”

Higher level, use the term “proficient in Spanish”

Most advanced would be “fluent” in French”


Now you are ready to apply!


Once you create a resume, you should update it every year, putting your most recent experiences first. Not only will you have a resume on hand as positions come up but you will have one ready to go for your college applications.


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