This 15 Year Old Intern Has More Confidence In His Future Than Many People Twice His Age

My son’s summer internship provided him an incredible opportunity to experience the environment of a successful startup company, to work on real life projects that tested his resourcefulness and creativity, and most importantly, allowed him to work closely with phenomenal people who treated him as one of them. This experience gave David the confidence to seriously explore and consider engineering and technology as a potential field of study in college and as a possible career choice. A huge thank you to Dr. Jabbawy for finding us this internship.   -Natalie, BB&N parent


David wanted hands-on experience in technology

David is a student at Buckingham Browne and Nichols and the younger brother of a student we had placed on an internship a few summers earlier.  We were so impressed after meeting him, for even at age 15, we could see his intelligence and maturity. During a previous summer, he had taken a three-week, hands-on course in human biology at the Center for Talented Youth (CTY). David expressed his desire to participate in an internship where he would have a hands-on experience in technology.

We prepped David for his interview at Artaic, a mentoring company in our program. Artaic has developed an innovative and sustainable way to manufacture large-scale mosaics, using a robotic manufacturing process.


David was able to work under the direction of their robotics and production engineer.


David’s report


Q: David, tell us about your experiences.


A: So far it’s been a great experience. I’m meeting people that are really educated and amazing. The robotics and the technology that is used at Artaic are mesmerizing and it’s so cool being so close to it. The best part of my internship has been the environment. Everyone is really friendly and very welcoming. They are also very appreciative of the work that I have done and are willing to work with me.


I was assigned my own project to work on and have been designing a mechanism to help remove and replace tiles in jewelry. I am working on the mechanism that allows for the tile to come out and be replaced by another easily. I have also been working on creating a dispenser for the company’s polymer paper, which is used to help keep the tiles together.


As part of my project I have:

– Researched the life span of certain parts for the new robot and calculated maximum force for fasteners in the robot
– Learned basics of Solid works software
– Created and delivered several presentations to the engineering team about my progress with the project.
– Interacted with multiple vendors and provided specifications for the design
– Designed and obtained quotes for cufflink case
– Created an adjustable stand for tile feeders


Q: Can you describe a situation during your internship in which you took a risk by putting yourself in a new position, such as meeting new people, asking questions, making suggestions? Write a paragraph or two about this situation explaining how it made you feel and what you learned about yourself as a result.


A: The engineering department had meetings to discuss the ongoing projects and give updates about what is going on in the company. These meetings would happen almost every week. I decided to create presentations for these meetings that gave an update about what was happening with my own project. In these PowerPoint presentations, I would describe the options available for the jewelry and then make my own suggestions.


At first I felt uncomfortable making suggestions about something like this to people who are clearly more educated in technology and engineering. I felt like my suggestions would be laughed at. However, the opposite occurred. My suggestions were taken into serious consideration and on multiple occasions, they were put into effect. I learned that although I may not be as qualified as the people around me, I am able to make educated suggestions and comments and that maybe, I knew more than I thought. This gave me confidence and allowed me to speak out more and become more comfortable in the environment.

Words from David’s mentor


David’s mentor wrote:


“We are glad to hear that we could help David build up experience from a young age and help him with making smart career choices for future. David has the qualities to become a great engineer one day. He’s a young man who is very mature for his age. I imagined he was going into his senior year of high school; when he told me he had just finished freshman year I was really surprised to say the least! David is a fast learner and he’s caring about his future and career choices; I am hoping that his experiences with Artaic inspired him pursue studies in the amazing fields of science. I am looking forward to staying in touch with David”.  – CARLO TAGLIABUE, Robotics and Production Engineer

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