6 Tips on Asking for a Letter of Recommendation

Recommendation letters students received during Internship Connection program


Whether on a job or internship, asking for a letter of recommendation is one of the most stressful but important tasks. Students in our program tell us that they use their letters for many years to come.


Here are a few helpful tips:


1. Ask your immediate supervisor, the person who you are working directly under.


2. Don’t wait until the end of your internship. Two weeks before your end date would give your mentor enough time.


3. Ask if you could possibly get the letter on your last day but have a stamped, self-addressed envelope ready to give them in case they need more time.


4. Hand them a written request. This will make it much easier for your mentor.


Your letter requesting the recommendation should look something like this:


I have learned so much working here. If possible, I would appreciate a letter of recommendation on your company letterhead for my files. I will be using this letter for college and work applications.


My email is:
My mailing address is:


I would appreciate a hard, signed copy as well as a digital signed copy.


It should be addressed as: To Whom It may Concern


Since colleges are particularly interested in my academic interests, I have described them below. If possible, I wondered if you might mention them and how they related to the internship.


 My academic interests are:


I have also bulleted a list of tasks and activities that I participated in on this job:


Thank you for taking the time to mentor me on my internship.


-Your name


5. Don’t pester your mentor if you haven’t received the letter. Wait 1 month and only ask them one more time.


6. After you receive your letter of recommendation, send a hand-written thank you note.


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