A Boston Internship Related to Journalism And Business

Before she graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Lauren was a junior at Newton North High School where she was co-editor of the school’s newspaper. In order to be most effective for her role senior year, she wanted to gain exposure to newspaper editorial and marketing.

We matched to a Boston business journal and she wrote,

“Everything is going very smoothly. I feel very grown up driving into Boston and working in the Herald Media offices. I enjoy working with the publisher, editor and sales director. They are all very nice to me and I feel comfortable asking them questions. I wear a Herald badge and I’m treated with respect. This summer at Women’s Business is certainly different from the rest. I’m learning that organization is the key to success because journalism is very personal. From interviewing to phone calls, one must present oneself in an orderly manner and have a systematic approach.”

Publisher Vicki Donlan wrote Lauren’s letter of recommendation.

“Lauren was asked to write a spotlight article on three prominent women CEO’s and their business transitions. She did the interviews, developed the questions and wrote the article. Lauren’s writing skills are excellent and she was a great team player. She understood that the newspaper business has a large variety of necessary tasks and was willing to work wherever needed to get the job done. It was great having an energetic, young woman in the office.”

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