A Finance Internship in Boston for a High School Junior

When Fabian was a junior at Concord Carlisle High, he told us that his dad inspired his own interest in the stock market and he wanted to experience learning about money management and finance, as well as taking the train into Boston. We matched Fabian to a fantastic young woman who is a principal at Penobscot Investments, a downtown investment management company. As a member of the Boston Economic Club and the Boston Security Analysts Society, Lisa was the consummate mentor, providing both guidance and inspiration.

When we visited Fabian at work, he told us,

“Everyone here is very welcoming, the location near Faneuil Hall is great and I like working with numbers. This is a practical application of math which is very different from the math I learned in school. I’ve learned how to look stocks up online and how to evaluate them based on their annual percentage increase or decrease. I was introduced to the Baseline program and how to compare different stocks. I am also responsible for researching and summarizing client information and creating a client database for the company. I was even taken to a lunch lecture on Securing Massachusetts’ Leadership Position in Financial Services.”

In her letter of recommendation, Lisa writes,

“Fabian and I worked closely on various methods for equity research. He took quickly to the analytical process of reviewing annual reports and other data gathered in his research. Among his strengths as an intern is his ability to work well independently and to ask questions as needed. He consistently produces work that reflects he is personally invested in the outcome. I am grateful he took the initiative to seek an internship with us this summer and I am certain his enthusiasm and curiosity will lead him to continued success in whatever interests he may pursue in the future.”


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