A Social Justice Internship on the Boston Waterfront




As a Brookline High sophomore with dual interests in the environment and social justice, we researched many organizations for Alex. We connected him to a placement where he was able to work with inner city children as a junior program assistant in marine education. He enjoyed the experience of commuting into the city on his own and teaching kids about crabbing, fishing and identifying sea life.

In his journal, Alex wrote,

“One of my first trips out to George’s Island, there was a slow boat full of kids and we were a distance away. I could see the kids getting a bit fidgety so I started asking questions about what they could see in the harbor and kids began to liven up. Once we got to the island, they were excited. I was proud that I made their trip more enjoyable and I also learned that just a question or two can really make a difference in someone else’s experience.”

Alex’s mentor, who was the Director of Programs and Development, wrote his letter of recommendation,

“Alex was given a crash course in local marine ecology and the fundamentals of research science. He took on a leadership role in what can be an exceptionally challenging audience- at risk youth close to his own age. In both regards, he excelled. His natural enthusiasm and interest in the environment helped him keep up with scientific topics and his approachable demeanor combined with his outstanding work ethic made him an engaging leader with the kids we serve.”

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