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Established in 2004, Internship Connection is a comprehensive, supervised program that provides High School and College students with career guidance and “real-world” work experience.

Students’ specific career interests are matched to mentors in their chosen field during Summer, Fall, Spring or Gap Semester.

Dr. Carole Jabbawy, Ed.D. – Founder and Director

Dr. Jabbawy’s career in education spans more than 30 years. She began her teaching career as a middle school and high school teacher, earning a Doctorate in Education from Boston University. She has held both administrative and teaching appointments at Tufts, The Museum School and Lesley University, training and supervising classroom teachers, and advising students about career opportunities.

Leading workshops for teachers and parents, she focuses on bringing out the unique strengths and talents of each child. She is an educational consultant to museums with respect to museum/school collaborations and to businesses relating to the development and implementation of on-site internship programs for high school and college students.

Dr. Jabbawy is often quoted in newspapers and media including Boston Globe, Business Insider, Family Magazine, Teen Life Media, and Scarsdale 10583. Active in the Boston community, she has served on the boards of The Massachusetts Art Education Association, the Massachusetts Art Directors Association, the Leventhal Sidman Jewish Community Center, and the Parents Fund Committee of Cornell University.

Personal Experiences Led Me to Create the Internship Connection Program. As a parent, I learned the importance of encouraging each of my children to explore and develop his own strengths and talents. Once in high school, I helped them secure internships relating to their academic and career interests. Through their experiences, they discovered on their own, the path and direction that they most enjoyed, enabling them to be more certain about career choice before committing to a tremendous investment of time and money. Each had very different interests, from computer animation, to medicine to engineering.

When I saw how important their internships were for college, graduate school and beyond, I established Internship Connection, in order to help more students learn about themselves through career exploration. It’s extremely rewarding to work with students to provide opportunities that have such an impact on their lives.”
-Dr. Carole Jabbawy


Selena Jabbawy – Director of Business Development

Selena brings many years of business experience and personal connections to our educational program. Not only does she have deep relationships with some of the top companies in MA and NY, she knows personally how internships play a major role in building one’s career. Marketing and Advertising has been Selena’s focus since graduating in 2005 as a business major from Pace University in NY. Her first internship at Spin Magazine in NYC, gave her the exposure she needed to build a career in the field of advertising.

In Boston, Selena served as the Senior Account Executive at the advertising agency Conover Tuttle Pace. By collaborating with clients such as New Balance, Eastern Bank and Microsoft, she helped discover and identify branding/product development requirements and growth opportunities. Serving as the liaison between clients and creative teams, she lead initiatives ranging from national TV campaigns to website launches to print advertisements. Closely monitoring the effectiveness of these campaigns with analytics, she provided recommendations, revisions and enhancements to better place her clients against their competitors. By serving as the common thread throughout all campaigns she established and still maintains relationships with her business contacts.

“As a mother of two young girls, I am excited about helping students experience what interests them today so that they are prepared to take the steps needed to build their own successful future.”
-Selena Jabbawy


Cyndi Reitmeyer


Cyndi Reitmeyer is Founder of BostonTechMom, a resource for parents who want to inspire their children to explore and learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). BostonTechMom is the go-to resource for STEM opportunities in Massachusetts, focusing on computer programming, robotics, engineering, and other science-related subjects in a variety of formats. Cyndi has over twenty-five years of marketing and business development experience working for Boston-area startups and well-established companies with domain expertise in healthcare, education, retail, and emerging technologies.

Sonya Wilder, M.S.Ed.

Sonya Wilder has over 20 years of counseling experience working with high school and college students. A mother of 3 children with a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling, Sonya has worked in college admissions in both New York City and Los Angeles, where she read countless college applications and interviewed prospective students. Sonya held the position of Academic Counselor at Northeastern University. She provided guidance to students concerning their academic needs and worked closely with the coop advisors to help students attain valuable internships.

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