How Alison Landed A Prestigious Biotech Internship in Boston

Alison contacted us the summer of her junior year in college, hoping to connect to an internship related to her Neurobiology/Physiology major at the University of Maryland. At Maryland, Alison works as a mentor in the Girls Excelling in Math and Science (GEMS) program. She creates curricula, lesson plans and science experiments for girls’ after school math and science program at low-income middle schools in the area.

Because of her background and the fact that she may pursue a career in Public Health, we thought that one of the biotech companies in Cambridge or Boston might consider her for an internship. We had recently read about Cellanyx Diagnostics, a biotech company in the MassChallenge accelerator in Boston’s Innovation District. Cellanyx is developing a next generation cancer diagnostic.

We helped Alison refine and update her resume to focus specifically on science and presented her resume to the CEO at Cellanyx. After we prepped Alison for both a phone and in-person interview, she was accepted for this prestigious Boston internship.

Alison’s report

“This past summer I was an intern at Cellanyx Diagnostics, a company doing research to produce a new prostate cancer diagnostic test.  I did public health research on various topics on prostate cancer, including treatments, emerging technologies, statistical data, demographics and incidence & mortality rates.  I wrote articles for patients, physicians, hospitals and payers, which can be accessed at  I have continued my work with Cellanyx, running their Twitter account to spread awareness about prostate cancer.  I really enjoyed working in the MassChallenge office because it gave me the opportunity to learn about the various facets of running a business and I was able to meet a lot of people from all different types of businesses.”

We are still in touch with Alison who is continuing her relationship with Cellanyx, maintaining their Twitter account and posting about updates in the field of prostate cancer diagnostics as well as promoting the company.

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