How Bart Broke From College And Seized The Business World

Bart was an excellent student and had finished his sophomore year at Union College. During one summer, he worked in the physics department on a research project, when he came to the realization that science may not be his chosen career. He wanted to take time off from college to explore the world of business.

Bart’s Boston Business Internship

After helping Bart create a resume and prepping him for an interview, we connected Bart to one of our program mentors, the Chief Operating Officer of the Massachusetts Office of Business Development. This state agency is the central point of contact for any business or corporation that is seeking to expand or locate in the Commonwealth.

Bart’s description

The following is an excerpt from Bart’s journal:

1. Tell me about your experiences so far. You can talk about your mentor, the work environment, and your initial perceptions.

Everything is excellent!  Aiden has been keen to keep me in the loop of the work in the office.  Originally, he made sure to let me learn about office work and the role of this specific department and the programs they provide.  There was a large EACC meeting in Worcester that he took me to and it was quite informative on the formal meetings and regulations of government.  Before the meeting, there were several hearings pertaining to companies that haven’t held their part of the bargain, so to speak, and therefore were due to be decertified from the EDIP program.  It was interesting to see how those somewhat informal business meetings went, and certainly opened my eyes to aspects of the business world.  Obviously, I am viewing it through the role of the government, but that fact has many merits in its own right.

2. List the kinds of things that you’ve been doing at work.

As an intern, I’m here to learn and help – which you correctly predicted.  Using the business database, Salesforce, I’ve updated two of their outdated spreadsheets that they send out to companies when considering relocating or expanding into Massachusetts.  One was a comparison of 14 competitive states on rankings such as entrepreneurial opportunity and capital, as well as incentives and more.  The other was a specific comparison of 26 states with respect to their Research and Development Tax Incentives.

Concerning my mentor, the work environment, and my initial perceptions, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.  From what I’ve seen, I can check the business world off as a possible path for me.  Aiden O’Garro deserves many praises, just as I expected from the praises that you gave him.

The Chief Operating Officer’s account

The COO wrote:

“Bart is doing great! He attended the EACC meeting last week where he got to see how companies are awarded state tax incentives based on their job creation commitments. The meeting was open to the public; he saw various company executives, local, and state politicians. It was a good experience for him. He is very well mannered and always eager to help. We are glad to have him for the summer.”

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