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Ben is an MBA candidate at Stanford and the Co-founder Verix, a business intelligence software company headquartered in Los Altos, California.

When he was a sophomore at Phillips Academy, Ben told us that he was interested in both technology and business. We established an internship for him in technology operations and systems management, working directly under the Vice President of Technology in a large company in Boston. Ben oversaw computer hardware and software maintenance within this e-commerce firm of 700+ employees. He managed systems networking equipment during office expansion and created basic HTML code for internal company use. Ben felt fortunate to receive a stellar recommendation for college from his mentor.

Ben’s Career Path- Yale, B.S. Applied Physics and Economics, Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs, Private Equity Associate at Bain Capital, Boston

In a testimonial on the Phillips Academy website, Ben spoke about his experience with our program:

“This summer, I had the incredible experience of working as an intern for a large company in Boston’s Prudential Tower. I worked in the company’s tech department under Mike O’Hara, the Head of Technology. Mike was not only my boss, but was a great mentor throughout the internship.

Primarily, I worked with the internal systems guys in tech. I imaged computers, rolled out new machines to company employees, set up workstations throughout the building, helped set up parts of the networking infrastructure, and dealt with general computer issues employees were having at the company. In addition to the work I did with internal systems, Mike gave me some other projects to work on. He had me write some code for the company website and make changes to HTML documents on the servers. Mike also had me do things that he thought would help me better understand how the company functioned. I attending certain meetings the company was holding to get a better idea of how the company operated, spent a day at the company warehouse, and spent a day listening in on customer service calls.

The internship ended up being a wonderful fit for me. It meshed very well with the interest and knowledge I have with computers and was a great learning experience. My position really allowed me to see how the different departments (tech, customer service, finance, HR, PR, creative, logistics, and administration) all worked as one company to achieve larger goals. In addition to learning more about computers and programming, my internship gave me invaluable working experience. The people working for the company made the job great, too. The company is made up primarily of younger employees (people in their twenties and thirties), and everyone was always welcoming and upbeat.

Mike not only gave me a great letter of recommendation for college, but also offered me a paying job for the following summer.”

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