Boston Civil Rights Law Internship

Dean, a junior at the Dublin School, Cambridge, is looking ahead to law school after college. He attended Harvard Summer School the previous summer, taking a course in law. We established a prestigious placement that related to both government and law. Dean interned directly under an attorney who is the Director of the Civil Rights Division of the Executive Office in MA.

Dean wrote about his experience in his college essay,

“I was soon given an office and put to work on a proposal relating to a disparity study. I learned about the infrastructure and complexities concerning civil rights. I was able to attend meetings and analyze different legal cases. Not only did I gain knowledge in civil rights and law, but I learned how to cope with different individuals and make valuable connections in a work environment.”

The Director wrote a marvelous recommendation.

“Dean worked extensively on a team project that required him to review and understand significant legal tenants from many jurisdictions and collaboratively draft a request for proposal- all as a high school junior. He is a thoughtful, deliberate and inquisitive individual. He deserves a chance to perform at an institution of stature and academic rigor. I recommend him highly and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

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