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Halsey is from Norwell, MA, a junior at St. Georges School, R.I. After reviewing Halsey’s school activities, we could see a “thread” of interest in the outdoors and the environment. He was also thinking ahead to a senior project where he thought about researching alternative energy. We connected Halsey to a venture capital firm in Cambridge that specialized in Green Technologies.

Halsey is pictured presenting his research to the principal of the firm.

“The best part has been working with people who were able to teach me more than I imagined possible. They taught me about business, communication, management and specifically sustainability and the environment.” In the IC Journal called Taking a Risk, Halsey wrote, “I was asked to research, develop and present a Power Point Presentation to the principals in a conference room. As preparation, I researched the history and future of the green building market and early stage companies to invest in. This project, while nerve-wracking at first, gave me a tremendous amount of confidence.”

When the managing partner heard that Halsey was interested in applying to his own alma mater, he encouraged Halsey to apply early decision and wrote Halsey’s letter of recommendation for college.

A portion reads, “Halsey sought out this internship as a result of his academic interest in alternative energy, environmental issues and business‚Ķ..He researched recent innovation in the field and focused on potential investment and development opportunities. I found his work impressive, since he was not exposed to the business or complex science beforehand. His final presentation will be a major asset for our company‚Ķ..His work ethic and interest in environmental science would make him a valuable addition to any program he applies to.”

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