Jung’s Law And Government Internship in Boston

Jung, also known as Paul, is from British Columbia. A junior at Phillips Academy, he was interested in government and law. We connected him to a wonderful State Representative in the MA State House, and arranged summer housing on Beacon Hill.

In his own words:

“Dr. Jabbawy helped me create a resume, prepped me for my interview and matched my interest in law to an internship at the Mass State House. In addition, she also helped me find comfortable and close housing on Beacon Hill, only 5 minutes away.
At work, I took phone calls from constituents, wrote letters, attended hearings on the laws which the legislature would be voting on, and went to seminars involving Representatives, Senators, sometimes Governors – past and present – and other influential people related to government. I also volunteered to be the student host for a seminar featuring John Regan, who is the Vice President of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM). My part was to introduce the guest speaker by reading his biography. I enjoyed the opportunity to address the fifty interns who had gathered to listen to the speaker. Without a doubt, I felt very nervous but it was a great chance for me to not only practice my public speaking but also become better acquainted with the speaker.

Getting to meet and work with these people who were very much currently involved in the political process was such an exciting task for me and much more than I hoped for as an intern. The best part of my internship was the people: my boss, my fellow intern and all the other people that I met ‘on the job’. They were all amazing, not only to work with but to “hang out” with as well. I definitely know that my experience at the State House has allowed me to form personal connections that will remain as I continue my career – my boss and I still keep touch, and he encourages me to come back to work at the State House again next summer!

During my last week, Dr. Jabbawy also arranged a visit to Goodwin Procter, a large Boston law firm where I met with a corporate attorney in the technology group who described his business practice. This was interesting as my intended career path in law matched up with the corporate attorney’s at Goodwin Procter. This was an opportunity for me to get a close-up view of the law firm (which was huge!) and some of the things that went on in the firm itself.”

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