Boston Medical Research Internship for High School Junior


Nima has completed numerous AP courses as a junior at Belmont high and has volunteered in Tehran Hospital, Iran. We felt that Nima, because of his advanced studies, could possibly be a candidate for an internship relating to research. We matched him to a technology entrepreneur who is the founder of the Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis.

With the help of his mentor, Nima developed a research project and power point presentation entitled, “Biological Identities and Cell Mapping.” Through illustrations and a cell/organism map, Nima was able to show exact cell size using a relative scale, something that’s missing in biology textbooks.

In the IC Journal, What are you Learning about Yourself? Nima writes:

“I’m learning to become independent which is a very important quality in the medical field. I noticed that I have learned biology very well this year and it helps me on this job. I have also learned that asking questions can get you very far! My mentor is a very nice person and helps me whenever I need help.”

Nima tells us that this internship has certainly confirmed his interest in medicine and he looks forward to an additional experience in this field.

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