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Nikki from Chestnut Hill, MA has always been passionate about helping others. During the summer after her sophomore year at the Rivers School, we matched her to an organization that fostered her leadership skills.

In her journal she wrote,

” I just went to the “Jug” squad, which means, “Jump up and Go”. It’s a group of inner-city kids my age who are training to be peer leaders relating to health issues in their community. I have the privilege to watch, learn and sometimes teach. My mentor is involving me in everything. I’ve helped manage several training sessions and became the leader on my last day.”

In their letter of recommendation, her mentors Meghan and Laurie Jo, wrote:

“Nikki brought energy and warmth to the office and all of our training sites, as well as amazing skill and organization. The work seemed to integrate well with her passions of social psychology and helping communities. She was respectful and honest and gave other teens a glimpse of her life as well. Having reciprocal relationships is of primary importance in any community work. We highly recommend her.”

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