Public Relations Internship in Boston

Lindsey is pictured on the right with her mentor in the “Celebrity Room”. When celebrities come to Boston, they select items    for gift bags, similar to the Oscars.

Lindsey, a freshman at Ithaca College, School of Communications, is very personable, outgoing and possesses excellent communication skills. Because she is very interested in PR, we researched many firms in Boston. While most focus on science and technology, we thought Lindsey would enjoy a firm with a more youthful vibe. We placed her at one of the top firms in Back Bay, specializing in PR for fashion, restaurants and lifestyle clients.

Lindsey loved her work and the people in the office. She was assigned a variety of tasks, including providing assistance to managers with pitch efforts and press releases and planning décor for events. In her IC Journal called Taking a Risk, Lindsey described her feelings about a major assignment to secure raffle donations for the annual fundraiser for Zoo New England. “I was assigned this major project. I was a bit hesitant and wasn’t sure if I could take on such a big responsibility, but I asked my colleagues for suggestions and it ended up being a great experience.”

The principal of the firm wrote Lindsey’s letter of recommendation. “Lindsey’s maturity and precision were apparent in every project and task she was given. On the consumer team, she participated in the planning and execution of several high-profile projects. She led the effort to secure raffle donations for the annual fundraiser for Zoo New England and demonstrated her networking skills as she represented the face of the company to local businesses.”

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