Boston Real Estate Development Internship

Dan’s older sister enjoyed a media internship with us a few summers ago and suggested that Dan contact us. Dan was a sophomore at the Rivers School. With a family background in real estate development, Dan was interested in an internship related to this field. We placed Dan with one of the partners of a development firm in Boston. Sean was a wonderful mentor, giving Dan an extraordinary educational experience.

In his letter of recommendation, Dan’s mentor wrote:

“Daniel performed a wide variety of tasks. His responsibilities included: submitting building permit applications, formatting marketing material and conducting searches for potential development opportunities. Dan was taught how to perform evaluations, understand zoning, and determine values based on comparables….Expressing an interest in business, he will certainly accomplish any task he puts his mind to.”

Dan thrived on his internship and is pictured on the far left in a meeting with the firm’s partners in their conference room.

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