Boston STEM Internship in Nanotechnology

Ben was a junior at Newton South High School and enjoyed Science and Math. He was thinking about applying to college engineering programs but wasn’t certain. We connected Ben to a start-up firm specializing in a new technology.

Ben wrote about his internship in his College Essay:

“After slipping into a white lab coat, I insert my hands into to tight latex gloves, carefully covering my hair with a cap made of thin, crinkly paper. I slide open the heavy rubber curtains, stepping into the clean room enveloped by dust-collecting styrofoam and silence. Facing me are two computers and a state of the art, half million-dollar Scanning Electron Microscope, powerful enough to see anything a few billionths of a meter in size.

I begin etching off misaligned carbon nanotubes through wafer scale electron beam lithography to design high-resolution features on test chips. Imagine computers that boot up instantaneously, cancer cells targeted at the molecular level a trillion bits worth of data stored on a chip the size of a postage stamp. I hope that someday I will contribute to the development of these exciting discoveries.”

Ben included his mentor’s letter of recommendation in his college applications. The Chief Scientific Officer wrote:

“I found Benjamin’s performance impressive. He quickly grasped the necessary points for working on an operation that was a crucial part of a very complex semiconductor process flow. He was interested in the field at a fundamental, scientific level. I would be very happy to have the opportunity to work with him again. He would make a valuable addition to any research laboratory or college program.

Ben’s high school internship at this technology start-up qualified him for a summer internship after his freshman year of college. He interned at a New York City investment banking firm specializing in companies that focus exclusively on this new technology. Ben conducted research, interviewed international CEO’s, and was listed as a co-author in their annual report. He writes,” It was an amazing experience. The other interns were MBA’s. Certainly, I was offered this opportunity because of the internship I had in high school.”

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