Boston Teaching Internship

Brittany is a freshman at Skidmore College. When she was in high school, she worked as a classroom assistant at Sudbury’s Children Learning Center. At Skidmore, she gained teaching exposure in Skidmore’s Early Childhood Center. Because Brittany was looking for additional classroom experience, the Internship Connection Director felt that since she already had suburban teaching experience, Brittany could benefit from exposure to an urban environment. Dr. Jabbawy established an internship at the King Open School in Cambridge where she had previously trained student teachers.

Brittany interned 3 days per week working in a classroom of 18 students, entering the first and second grades. On our visit Brittany explained, “We keep to a pretty basic schedule always starting with breakfast followed by free play and outdoor activities. The children are taking English classes and I’m reading books to them and helping them with their writing. I’ve been able to use my artistic skills to incorporate into classroom teaching. I created an art project that relates to their children on their field trips to Walden Pond and the Boston Aquarium.”

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