Calling all TikTok and Instagramers!

A fabulous internship opportunity just came up at a startup in the MOST prestigious startup incubator in Boston.

If you’re a high school or college student and love startups, marketing, and social media……

Here’s the CEO’s description:

We’re looking for an intern that’s really into internet culture – they’re the ones that their friends turn to for TikTok trends, for what music to listen to, who to follow on social media. we’d be looking for someone to lead the social media presence (discord, twitter, instagram, tiktok).

We’re a fun team that’s building tech that’s already impacting thousands of people’s lives. It’s where a lot of young people “retreat” to when they want to be creative and when social media feels like too much. You’ll be helping build out our community & get early access to new product features to test out.

This is a remote position, and we can offer a flexible schedule.


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