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Career Counseling Services Throughout the United States –

We provide counseling services for High School, Gap Year and College students, anywhere in the U.S. via phone or Skype.

While career counseling comprises the initial stage of each of our programs, often we hear from parents who feel that their child may not be quite ready for an internship but could benefit from learning certain life skills in order to prepare for the first step of applying for a summer job or volunteer experience.

For High School students, we provide advice about talents and career interests as they think ahead to college and beyond. For College students, we may suggest internship fields that would relate to or enhance college majors. For Gap Year students, we offer a variety of services that are helpful in identifying a career interest and/or establishing an internship while in the process of transfering to a different college.

Sample Services

  • Career Counseling
  • Help with job research and possibilities anywhere within the U.S.
  • Creating or editing a resume
  • Practice preparing for a workplace interview
  • Assisting with online job and internship applications
  • Writing creative college essays that incorporate internship or career experiences

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