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Benjamin, High School Internship- STEM/Nanotechnology

Ben is the Founder and CEO of Privy, an Ecommerce company that supports 200,000+ marketers in over 180 countries.

Ben was a junior at Newton South High School when he became interested in what was a new scientific field at the time called nanotechnology. After researching the companies in Boston area, we connected him to the CEO of Nantero, which at that time was a new startup in greater Boston. At Nantero, Ben was trained to work on wafer-scale electron beam lithography, using a scanning electron microscope to define high-resolution features on test chips. The Chief Scientific officer wrote a stellar recommendation for college and Ben was accepted to Cornell where there was ongoing research in nanotechnology.

 Ben’s high school internship in a STEM field jump-started his career. Following that, each successive internship led to the next one. Hired immediately from his last college internship, he began his career journey in technology.

 “My internships provided a first hand experience of several, very different career paths. Summer long exposure in each different environment was all it took for me to change or validate my true passions. “

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Sam, High School internship – Art and Design

Sam is currently the Creative Director at Overtone Studios, a cross-platform, gaming communications app for voice and chat technology. In high school, Sam was a talented artist and wanted to learn about potential art careers. We established an internship for him at Mystic Scenic Studios, a set design company whose clients included Walt Disney Studios and the Boston Ballet.

After Newton South High School, Sam went on to Cornell majoring in art with a BFA and continued on for his Masters Degree at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts graduate program in Interactive Telecommunications.
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Michael, High School internship – Medicine

Discovering a true career interest often takes a circuitous path. Michael is currently a Tech/VC attorney representing emerging companies and venture capital investors at Morse Barnes-Brown & Pendleton. However, in high school, Michael thought he would be interested in medicine, so we matched him to a medical internship where he had the opportunity to work in a hospital and observe 2 surgical procedures. To Michael’s surprise, he realized the hospital environment was not for him.

Michael wrote, “Through this experience, I realized that working in a hospital environment, while fascinating, wasn’t for me. Because it gave me such early exposure, I was able to eliminate it as a career interest before investing time and money in a college major as well as medical school.” Following this experience, Michael’s college internships took an interesting turn.

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Lauren, High School internship – Fashion

Now in her twenties, Lauren is an Interior Designer at Gensler, NYC. Her career path began with a high school fashion internship that we established for her in New York City. At Scarsdale High, Lauren had previously taken the Saturday program at Fashion Institute of Technology and wanted to have a “behind the scenes” experience in the fashion industry. We established an internship at Style-Caster, a NYC on-line fashion company with an energetic young staff.  In her Internship Connection journal, Lauren wrote:

“What I love about the company is that my responsibilities vary day to day. I have catalogued merchandise, worked on the set of photo shoots and organized marketing events. My favorite thing was assisting guest stylists.”

Lauren’s Career Path: Scarsdale High School, Saturday Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Style-Caster, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Interior Design Major).

Lauren’s mentor wrote a wonderful recommendation and said that Lauren, even as a high school student, was actually helping the college interns.

“Lauren exceeded all expectations with each assigned project. Her poise made her seem mature beyond her years and her responsibilities quickly expanded. She will undoubtedly be very successful in any direction she chooses.”

It’s gratifying to see that Lauren’s responsibilities on her fashion internship served as an introduction to her college major and future career in design.

Divya, High School internship – Business

Divya is currently an MBA Candidate at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern, following a six year career at Wayfair.

In the summer of 2011, Divya was a junior at Boston University and enrolled in our program, seeking a summer internship related to business. We helped her create a resume, prepped her for her workplace interview and established an internship in product development at Publisher’s Clearing House NY, near her home on Long Island.

Then, in 2012, as a college senior, Divya turned to us again for a second internship with the intent of further building her resume. We were in touch with our contacts at Boston-based Wayfair, the fastest growing on-line retailer of home goods in the U.S. Our thoughts were that since Divya already had product experience at her previous internship, this would make her an attractive candidate. After her interview, she was immediately accepted to an internship and following that, her first job.

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Hannah, High School Internship – Fashion and Journalism

Hannah is the Author of Playing with Matches and the Dating Editor at Elite Daily.

When Hannah was a junior at Needham High we placed her on two part-time internships relating to her dual interests: a fashion internship for Boston Designer Daniela Corte and a journalism internship with 3 Harvard grads, the Founders of Her Campus, an online magazine for college women. Hannah was always poised, diligent and appreciative of these opportunities.

She went on to NYU where she studied journalism and history, becoming the assistant features editor at Seventeen Magazine. She has written for Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and is the dating editor of Elite Daily. We are excited for Hannah as she received accolades for her first novel, named “A Best Book of Summer” by Refinery 29, Bustle, and Pop Sugar.

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Ben, High School internship – Technology

Ben is an MBA candidate at Stanford and the Co-founder Verix, a business intelligence software company headquartered in Los Altos, California.

When he was a sophomore at Phillips Academy, Ben told us that he was interested in both technology and business. We established an internship for him in technology operations and systems management, working directly under the Vice President of Technology in a large company in Boston. Ben oversaw computer hardware and software maintenance within this e-commerce firm of 700+ employees. He managed systems networking equipment during office expansion and created basic HTML code for internal company use. Ben felt fortunate to receive a stellar recommendation for college from his mentor.

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Mike, High School internship – Advertising, Marketing

Currently the Digital Title Product Manager at Vistaprint, Mike’s passion for graphic arts and marketing have been consistent throughout his career. When he was in high school, Mike told us he was interested in learning how a successful business is developed, and in particular, marketing and advertising. We matched Mike to BigFish, a Boston marketing and PR company. Their founder and Mike’s mentor is also a Professor of Media Relations at Emerson College.

Mike then parlayed that internship to a marketing internship with the New England Patriots. More internships followed as well as 6 years of promotions at Vistaprint.

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