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Ryan Built Some Serious Cred At This Boston Sports internship

Ryan(left) built some serious cred at this Boston Sports internship.

Sometimes we hear from college students who are taking a semester off or thinking about transferring. In that case, an internship can help refocus goals and perhaps lead to a different career direction.


Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters- Taking Advantage of 3 Opportunities


Ryan contacted us after he differed his acceptance to Brown University. He hoped to gain some real world experience before college. After spending the fall semester at the University of Barcelona in Spain, taking 3 moths of language classes and traveling, he was ready to come back to Boston and was interested in a Spring semester internship.

Having read a great deal about a new and exciting company in Boston, and knowing that Ryan was somewhat of a sports fanatic, we matched him to an internship at Fancred. Fancred is a TechStars startup and a social network for sports enthusiasts.

At Fancred, Ryan was a quick study. He became the primary contributor for their blog on Tumblr, managed their official Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages and assisted in research and development of content on the site.

“I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience thus far. As an avid sports fan, working with an up and coming sports app is a perfect fit. The employees are enthusiastic and fun loving, which creates an environment in which I feel comfortable working in. The work has been engaging, challenging, and seems integral to the growth of the company. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone who loves watching sports, enjoys researching them, and also likes having fun around the work place.” — Ryan

Now that Ryan has experienced a startup, he has expressed an interest in gaining exposure to a bigger company for the summer.

Boston Engineering, Science And Entrepreneurship Internship

Carlisle High School
Brendan is a very well rounded student who enjoys learning, especially chemistry and biology. Also, as a skier and outdoor enthusiast he became very interested in conservation and sustainability. Combining these interests, we matched Brendan to the CEO of a company that was developing an innovative and sustainable way to manufacture mosaics, using a robotic manufacturing process.

Brendan worked in production and conducted small engineering projects. He designed methods to unload tile tubes more efficiently, designing a stopper, creating a prototype and then testing the design.

In his journal, Brendan wrote, “I learned a lot of math and science in school, but never had the chance to apply these concepts to real life processes. I enjoy discussing ways to make tangible systems more efficient and sustainable. An added feature of my internship has been the experience of working in a start-up company environment. I am gaining a lot of experience by observing my co-workers in action and watching how decisions are made and problems tackled. I love how the CEO and founders are in the same room as the production workers and engineers.

I was able to sit with the co-founder responsible for marketing who discussed strategies for marketing their products. We talked for about an hour about their evolution and also discussed the difference between working for a big company and starting your own. Now I have come to understand the difficulty of taking the initial risk and am inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and the hard work involved.”

The CEO wrote Brendan’s letter of recommendation: “Brendan made an immediate impact with our engineering and production team. Despite being only a high school student, he was able to integrate well with engineers and offer insightful ideas. He quickly mastered the production processes and began working on ways to improve them. Brendan got his first taste of engineering by pinpointing problems, designing solutions, prototyping solutions and then fabricating those solutions. He designed methods to make our tile inspection station as automated and comfortable as possible. His insights allowed our full time production workers not only to work more comfortably and sustainably, but also to see new ways of approaching production improvements.

After being immersed in the startup environment Brendan has made it clear that he wishes to start his own company some day. He definitely has a passion for knowledge in many fields and I feel he is excited about combining technology with one of his broad interests, including, music, social sciences, sports, or conservation. I believe Brendan has the entrepreneurial and pioneering drive to make the strongest contribution to any college he applies to.”

Boston Costume Design Internship

Freshman at Syracuse University major: Theatre and Fashion Design
Caroline had won numerous statewide awards in high school for technical excellence in costume design. The Internship Connection placed her with a prestigious theatre company in Boston where she stitched costumes in the costume shop as well as working for the costume head of Emerson College’s theatre department.

Caroline wrote, “Everything worked out very well. I met some great people and learned a lot. It was an experience that I know will help me out in the future. Thank you so much for helping me find this internship.”

Boston Computers & Entrepreneurship Internship

Junior at Concord-Carlisle High School
Will already had an impressive resume. He was hired by his school to create their website, worked in programming after school for a local company, and started his own on-line website where DJ’s create play lists for users. Will’s internship objective was to improve his understanding of web technology and media by interning at a web 2.0 company.

After extensive research we were able to establish an internship at a well known start-up matched exactly to Wills interest in media and music. “I have been working with the founder as well as their web guru to brainstorm and prototype software that would enhance their software offerings. For instance, I have made a functioning prototype of software that allows employees to quickly add new KeyFeeding sources to the platform. The goal of my work is to demonstrate an early functioning version of software that could be re-coded by engineering and added to the production version, allowing management to assess the value of the potential new feature before committing valuable engineering resources.”

When we visited during the summer, Will proudly showed us that they placed his name on the door of the office where he worked. When asked what the best part of his internship was, Will wrote, “The opportunity to work directly with the founder (pictured with Will in the photo) on a daily basis has been phenomenal, and far more access than I had expected. I have also had great experiences with many other employees, all who are willing to help me solve a problem or brainstorm ideas. I have had many discussions where I have actually felt as if I was having a say in the direction the company will take in various areas, something which I would have hardly dreamed of coming into the internship. Separately, I was also able to sit in a few days ago on their quarterly meeting, where they discussed the current situation and future direction of the company, an experience I found extremely valuable, as I look to someday start my own business.”

Will was actually hired to work there after school during his senior year. We are sure that he will enjoy these professional contacts for many years to come.

Boston Writing Internship

Leonard P. – W. Newton, MA
Salisbury School Salisbury, Connecticut

Leonard wrote for the literary journal of his school and was inspired by a well-known author of historical fiction who spoke to his class. Leonard thought it might be interesting to intern for an author during the summer.

We matched Leonard to a well-known writers group in Boston, where he helped out in the office and was able to attend seminars in their summer writing series. The Boston Phoenix described the group as “the best place to hobnob with the literati.” Leonard said,” I was exposed to workshops on fiction, poetry and screen writing. I learned about issues writers face and met some of Boston’s best writers. It was an amazing experience.

Boston Writing Internship

Camilla H. – Chestnut Hill, MA
Junior at the Winsor School

Camilla is the Editor of her school newspaper and spent the previous summer immersed in CITY term in New York where she enjoyed a literature course and honed her interviewing skills for writers and reporters. IC matched her to a nationally recognized program for writers in Boston. Founded by writers for writers, their goal is to help writers with all aspects of the writing life, from finding inspiration to marketing a finished work.

The program coordinator described Camilla’s experience. “Camilla was truly a fantastic intern. She had many responsibilities, including working in our library and organizing collections and writers’ resources. We were impressed by a very sophisticated brochure that she developed for our program, where she wrote an article about our teen writing program. She conducted extensive research and incorporated quotes from alumni by interviewing them on the phone. Additionally she participated in our Tenth Anniversary celebration by helping out with activities during and leading up to the event. We loved having such a wonderful young woman who was so mature and skilled beyond her years.”

Boston Theater Internship

Rachel K. – Winthrop, MA
Sophomore at New England College

Rachel turned to the Internship Connection after applying to several theatre internships on her own.

Rachel was placed in stage management at a very prestigious theatre in Boston, where she enjoyed the camaraderie of new friends. The producer-director was impressed with Rachel’s work ethic and Rachel will be utilizing the skills she learned when she resumes her role as stage manager at New England College’s Mainstage .

Boston Theatre & Communications Internship

Katie G. – Taipei, Taiwan
Junior at the Taipei American School

Katie’s interests include theatre and communications. With previous experiences in acting and directing, she was interested in a part-time internship in the States that would introduce her to marketing and public relations as well as leaving some time for college tours.

We arranged an internship for Katie that combined both of her interests. She was mentored by the Director of Marketing and Public Relations of a prestigious theatre in Boston. Katie told us that she gained insight into many aspects of running a theatre including corporate media sponsorship, advertising sales and community partnerships. She plans to apply to American liberal arts colleges as a theatre and communications major and will include her letter of recommendation from the Director in her college applications.

Television News Internship

Katharine – Lincoln, MA
Sophomore at Phillips Exeter

We matched Katharine’s interests in broadcast journalism to a wonderful female mentor, the Executive Director of a Cable Television station. Tamarah spoke highly of her intern, “Katharine has been extremely helpful to our station. She has edited news segments that we’ve put on the air, worked on studio shoots, and is producing a 30 minute documentary on the prevalence of eating disorders.”

Katharine spoke about her internship in a community newspaper article, “I was able to try everything from learning how to use the cameras, to editing to running the teleprompter during a live show. The great thing about working at a small station is you get so much hands-on experience.”

Boston Television Internship

Amanda K – Newton, MA
Senior at the Rivers School

Last summer, Amanda was placed in the news division of a cable television station, where she learned how to use the camera, helped to create sets for shoots and established shots in the field.

“I valued the independence and how much the station trusted me to go out on my own with a ten thousand dollar camera! Too often interns don’t get much responsibility. I wasn’t copying papers and getting coffee. I had an amazing experience and was able to learn about the communications field and what goes into being a successful journalist.”

The news director spoke highly of her, “Amanda seemed to be a perfect fit for our news team.”

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