How Divya Reddy Turned Her Summer Internship Into A Full-time Job At Wayfair

While any internship can be rewarding, its power really magnifies when it’s in an industry that attracts you as a potential career. Interning with a company or organization engaged in work you’ve imagined yourself doing imparts valuable discipline-specific skills. That’s advantageous enough, but it’s also possible such an internship can also directly land you a job.

Take the encouraging case of Divya Reddy, a former Internship Connection student. Divya first approached us in 2011 as a Boston University junior intrigued by business and seeking firsthand experience in the field.

Through our help she landed a summer internship in the product-development branch of Publisher’s Clearing House, where her duties included attending product pitches and helping produce regular presentations to the company’s marketing and online departments.

But Divya wasn’t through with Internship Connection once her Publisher’s Clearing House experience ended. The next summer, she worked with us again, intent on furthering her empirical exploration of the business realm on the heels of graduation. We knew she already had solid familiarity with product development under her belt, and helped steer her to an interview with AllModern, a division of the major online home-goods retailer Wayfair.

Wayfair( AllModern) —impressed with Divya’s background and ambitions—took her on as a Customer Experience Intern immediately after her interview. And what do you know? Directly following her internship work in many aspects of the AllModern shopping experience, Wayfair hired her as a merchandising analyst. We certainly hoped to create that outcome when suggesting AllModern, and it was wonderful to see it all play out.

Springboard To A Full-time Job

Divya’s whirlwind route speaks to the benefits of interning in a field that interests you—and maybe more than once—while still in school. Drawn to business, Divya sought out Internship Connection’s assistance to try her hand in that sector; then we used her initial internship as a springboard to a second one, which directly flowered into a full-time job.

Divya’s long-view thinking and hard work are inspirational. Here at Internship Connection, we’re here to support a student’s innate drive by helping with logistics, planning, and networking. Even after all sorts of success stories like Divya’s, we never fail to be impressed by our participants’ diligence and energy—and we never fail to celebrate when they embark on a career worthy of their strengths.

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