Entrepreneurship Internship With MassChallenge Winners

Dan expressed a passion for business. As a junior at Newton South High School, Dan took business and entrepreneurship courses. We matched Dan to a start-up company which was one of the 2011 winners of the MassChallenge award for entrepreneurship.

This business was founded by 2 young CEO’s who conceived of an innovative online platform for matching artists to exhibit spaces. Dan interned 3 days a week and learned what it takes to launch a start-up, how to market and pitch to venture capitalists, and much more.

Dan wrote,

“The best part of my internship was attending the MassChallenge 5-Day boot camp and learning about basics of entrepreneurship (Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.) At one point, someone sat down and asked me about ArtVenue. It was my fourth day and I had to tell this person all about the company, business model, company goals, etc. I realized I had done a good job of observing my company and absorbing information by listening in just a few days to the point where I could describe the company to a stranger without help from my bosses.”

Dan sat in on meetings with lawyers and clients. Additional responsibilities were: Formulating and sending out responses to e-mails, researching and contacting potential customers, updating company CRM database (customer relationship management) and social network pages.

At the end of the summer, the CEO told us that Dan would be sorely missed and that he made a tremendous contribution to the team.

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