What To Wear: Fashion Dos And Don’ts For Your Summer Internship

Dear students,

Many of you have asked me about how to dress professionally for work and my suggestion is to dress as professionally as possible, especially for the first day. Once you begin, you will be able to pick up clues from your co-workers. That being said, if someone is wearing flip flops, a top with their midriff showing, or torn jeans, that does not mean that you should too!

I have had several interns at a fantastic company called Wayfair where business casual is welcomed. The Director of Recruitment once told me that as the summer goes on, they notice that some of their full time employees’ mode of dress tends to get more and more casual (inappropriate shorts, T-shirts and flip flops) He mentioned that the executives in the company take note of this and not in a good way.

For some of you working in a start-up environment, you may pick up cues from your office mates. Startup workplaces may be much more casual.

Summer attire Dos and Don’ts

Experts offer the following guidelines for business casual dress:


– Khakis
– Dark dress jeans may be ok but consult with your mentor.
– Low heeled shoes. Sandals are fine but not flip-flops.
– Polo shirts
– Tailored jackets
– Blouses
– Skirts, not too short.
– Sundresses are OK but wear with a cardigan sweater


– Flip-flops
– Shorts
– Wrinkled clothing
– Clothes that are too tight, too loose or low cut.
– Torn jeans

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