Give your Internship Time to Develop

Now that many of our interns have started their internships, it’s important to stress that an intern should give the internship a bit of time to develop. Sometimes a student jumps to the conclusion on the very first day that the internship may not meet their expectations. That can be a crucial mistake.

Often in the beginning the two parties are just starting to get to know each other. Mentors need to appraise a student’s strengths and talents and interns need to learn about the organization. Simple assigned tasks will allow the student to get to know the office routines and employees’ roles in the company. At the same time, the mentor will learn which projects would best utilize the student’s skills.

After a while, mentors will be able to assign more meaningful projects and the interns will feel more confident about letting the mentor know the types of assignments they would like to work on.

Patience is the best policy!

-Dr. Internship

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