Exciting Internship at the Massachusetts State House

Jennifer, pictured on the left, is one of the most enthusiastic students we have ever interviewed. She was a senior at Buckingham Browne and Nichols, interested in leadership, public speaking and government. Jennifer participated as a senior prefect and on the student activities council at BB&N. It was so impressive that she traveled a long distance each day to school by public transportation and held down a part-time job in addition to her heavy course load, handling everything with charm and an upbeat attitude. We thought that she would be a perfect addition to the office of the State Representative from her hometown district.

Jennifer’s mentor was a wonderful young woman of Hispanic origin who held the position of legislative aid. Noel arranged for Jennifer to attend hearings and listen to speakers with both the Black Legal Caucus and the Women’s Caucus where she learned about issues pertaining to HIV, issues for welfare mothers, and speakers on the environmental impact of current state-wide legislation. She learned about the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship program which provides training and job placement for college students in non-profit and governmental agencies. She saw government in action, watched as a bill was passed, and was treated with the college interns to a “thank you” lunch hosted by her State Representative.

Jennifer is now a freshman at Bryn Mawr (her first choice) and writes that she is grateful for her exposure to government and is already an active member in the student government association and was elected class president. Congratulations Jen!

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