Pragmatic Tips for Parents: Internship Connection Interview with Boston Tech Mom

“My son is great in math. He may be interested in engineering but is not sure if he should apply to a liberal arts college or engineering school.”

Getting exposure in high school to a field the student may be interested in gives them the chance to “try on” a career. They will absorb the work culture, understand what the day-to-day experience is like and the types of projects people work on. Often the experience confirms a career interest but sometimes the student realizes that field is not right for them. It’s certainly better to discover this early on. These days too many students lose time and money by changing their college majors mid- course.

Recently, I was interviewed by Cyndi Reitmeyer whose website BostonTechMom is a fantastic resource for parents who want to inspire their children in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). As a parent of a tech-minded high school student, Cindy wanted to learn how students should go about finding  STEM internships and how to set realistic expectations.  I was happy to speak to her and provide advice and examples of students’ experiences and for other parents as well who may be thinking about in-depth ways for high school students to gain career experience in STEM.

Please find the full interview here.

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