Management Internship At A Minor League Baseball Team

Gideon D. – Newton, MA
Sophomore at Newton South High School

Gideon “lives” for baseball, has visited many stadiums across the country and dreams about a position in management for a minor league baseball team. IC contacted numerous teams in the Greater Boston area. Gideon’s infectious personality helped him land the position of game-day intern for an independent league baseball team. Gideon worked under the direction of the Assistant General Manager. ” I learned about team management, activities that take place on game day, the economics of running a team, audio-visual simulcasts, and the importance of customer service.”

Gideon’s mother wrote to us about the unforeseen benefits of his internship. “As is often the case with learning, some of the most important lessons Gideon learned at Brockton were unplanned and unforeseen. Coming from Newton, the commute down to Brockton by public transportation and his time at the stadium led him to be exposed to people who lead a very different life to ours. Gideon had the chance to meet people who have far fewer privileges and opportunities than he and his friends have. It was an eye-opening and maturing experience for him.

There was a poignant quality to Gideon’s impressions of the players on the team, for many of whom an independent league is the final stop in the world of professional baseball, and of the people who live in Brockton and come to the stadium. Gideon learned about success, but he also learned about failure. Can there really be more important and profound lesson for a young man his age?”

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