New York City Finance Internship for a High School Junior

Scott was a junior at Glen Ridge High School, when after many attempts on his own, he found that it was impossible for a high school student to land an internship at an investment firm in New York City. Our counselor in New York connected Scott to one of the most well known firms and facilitated a unique summer internship. Scott was assigned to the team that oversaw the training program for new analysts. He was able to attend networking and social events as well as training sessions on global corporate strategy and financial market overviews.

In his letter of recommendation, the Vice President of Scott’s division wrote,

Scott was our youngest intern. His high level of maturity and professionalism coupled with his positive “can-do” attitude made him one of our most valued interns…….In summary, Scott is a team player with a maturity level beyond his years. In his short time here, he made an impression upon his colleagues and superiors. I am confident that Scott would be a great asset to any university or place of employment.

Scott described his experience in his college essay:

Walking into my boss’s office with high expectations, and at the same time reservations, I felt I was ready. Little did I realize how ready I would have to be. He greeted me and immediately told me to sit in on a conference call. Having expected to be a “coffee gofer” I knew from that point on, I was going to do something meaningful. What also startled me was the respect I received. I was elated with my first day and knew I would look forward to going to work each day. This experience confirmed my thoughts about the area in which I eventually would want to work.

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