New York City Marketing Internship for High School Junior

                             JANE   CREATIVE

Now an account executive at Oracle, we met Evan (from Mt. Vernon, NY) when he was a junior at The School at Church Farm in Pennsylvania. Dr. Jabbawy met with Evan and his Mom who at the time was a VP of Marketing and Digital at Time, Inc. in NYC. Evan’s objective was to gain exposure to the field of marketing and digital media. We helped Evan create a resume and prepare for a workplace interview that emphasized his interest in graphic design as well as previous participation in DECA, the International Association of Marketing for students.

We matched Evan to Jane Creative, a mid-town NYC brand development and marketing agency where the office vibe was young and energetic. The Founder and CEO told us that Evan was a valuable addition to his staff and was responsible for much of the research for their clients.

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