New York High School Students make a Splash on their Summer Internships!

Congratulations to Evan Attipoe, Mt. Vernon, NY and Sophie Nir from Manhattan who started their career paths through their summer internships in marketing and fashion.

Evan’s objective was to gain exposure to the field of marketing and digital media. We helped Evan create a resume and prepare for a workplace interview that emphasized his interest in graphic design as well as previous participation in DECA,the International Association of marketing for students. We matched Evan to a NYC brand development and marketing agency where the office vibe was young and energetic. The CEO told us that Evan was a valuable addition to his staff and was responsible for much of the research for their clients.

Sophie is a young woman, who like many girls,is interested in fashion and makeup. Yet because of her experience as a consumer, she was able to express her own opinions about how items they might be packaged and marketed more effectively.We matched Sophie to a seasoned marketing mentor who was in the initial stages of starting a focus group and online community for girls to share their shopping finds, beauty advice, and style tips. Her responsibilities included:involvement in online marketing + social media efforts through short-form communications, watching, storyboarding and writing short video segments on new trends. Sophie reported to the Senior Directors.

Now, even as high school students,Evan and Sophie have resume and interviewing skills that will enable them to secure their own internships and jobs in the future. Fresh from their summer internships,with significant experiences to include on their resumes, they have opened the doors for exciting opportunities in their college years and beyond.


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