Our Process

Established in 2004, Internship Connection is a comprehensive, supervised program that provides High School and College students with career guidance and “real-world” work experience.


Initial Counseling Meeting (October-March)

  • During an informal meeting in person or via phone or Skype, we learn about your career goals and discuss internship possibilities. Our role is one of advocate and advisor. We conduct an informal conversation about interests, location preferences and desired work schedule.
  • You may or may not know exactly what type of internship you are looking for. Students often don’t realize the workplace options that relate to a specific career. Options are discussed and the student identifies a primary and secondary career interest.
  • A student interested in law can actually build a resume by an internship in government working as a legislative intern or in the civil rights division of a state agency.
  • A student interested in communications may enjoy working at a green technology company, conducting research, learning about new discoveries and writing for the company blog. We enjoy helping students identify something that might spark their interest in an academic area or develop a talent that the student would like to explore.


Developing and Refining Your Resume

  • We work with you to develop your resume or enhance one that you may already have.
  • Then we forward your resume to targeted companies and organizations and speak to potential workplace mentors.
  • We seek placements where you are not competing against others to snag a position, but rather a workplace environment that may be more nurturing.
  • When the mentor is interested, we put you in contact with the mentor to set up an interview.


Workplace Interview (March-May)

  • Over the phone, using role-play, we prepare you for your workplace interview by asking you to first research the company’s website.
  • Then, we practice using questions that are commonly asked in interviews.
  • Once accepted to your internship, you will establish a work schedule with your mentor that is suitable for both parties.


The Work Schedule (Part-time, 6-8 weeks during June, July or August)

  • You will establish a work schedule with your mentor that is suitable for both parties.During the course of the internship, we maintain contact with you and mentor.
  • The schedule is flexible based on the desires of the student’s family.
  • Most students work part-time, usually 2-3 days per week, during a 6 – 8 week period during June, July or August.
  • Parents tell us that they appreciate a program that leaves time for other activities, a part-time job or a family vacation.


Internship Proceeds

  • During the course of the internship, we maintain contact with you and your mentor.
  • We ask students to respond to Internship Connection Journal questions that are designed to help students synthesize their experiences.
  • Counselors provide feedback and advice.


Letter of Recommendation

  • We provide workplace mentors with our program document: The Internship Connection Guideline for Writing a Letter of Recommendation.
  • Students who have received letters of recommendations have included them in both college and job applications.
  • Some mentors recommend in other ways, telling students to list them as referrals on job applications and networking contacts on Linked In.

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