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Perfect for a Semester –Before or During College

A Gap Year (also referred to as an Interim or Deferred Year) is a period of time when students take “time out” from formal education to travel, volunteer, study, intern, or work. Our Gap Year Program typically spans one semester, either fall or spring, sometimes with overlap in the summer. Students often combine our program with travel and other experiences during their alternative semester.

Typically a Gap Year is taken between high school graduation and starting college, during college, or between college and starting graduate school or a career. Sometimes a high school student is asked by their college to start their freshman year in January. Other times, college students take a semester or year off because they are transferring.

“Studies have been conducted by leading universities like Harvard that conclusively show that students who take a year out before college are more focused and motivated when they arrive on campus than those who don’t take this detour. Harvard’s admissions department is so convinced of the benefits of a gap year that they offer the option to every admitted freshman in their acceptance letter”. – Planet Gap Year

Understanding that students take time off for many reasons, our role is one of advocate and academic advisor. The program is individualized for each student according to career interests and desired work schedule. We meet with the student one time, followed by email and phone contact.
For out of state students we can recommend a variety of short-term housing options.

A Sampling of Students

  • Drew deferred his acceptance to Trinity, attended a 2 month film school in Maine and turned to us for an internship relating to film. We placed him at a production company where he learned all facets of film making in the studio and on sets. He became a production assistant on location for shows being produced for Animal Planet and the Discovery and History Channels. Drew said the best part was working long days with the crew. The head producer was so impressed with Drew’s efforts that he actually offered him a job.
  • Aaron deferred his acceptance to Oberlin and planned several experiences throughout the year in the US and abroad. His interests related to include sustainability and clean water. We established a Boston internship with a legislator who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Public Health. Aaron told us that  his responsibilities that included attending hearings and committee meetings, writing to constituents and learning how legislation is passed.
  • Sam was taking a semester off from Santa Clara University before transferring. We matched his interests in sports and social justice to an internship at a prestigious sports foundation, where well-known athletes are involved in community work.
  • Ji was accepted to Smith College but decided to take a semester off and apply to other schools. After reviewing her resume, we could see that she was thinking of majoring in journalism and placed her at a writing organization known nationally for innovative programming and thought-leadership.

To see more examples of our student’s experiences, please visit our success stories page.

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