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A specialized program for International Students with semester long internships in Boston – Summer, Fall or Spring.

Dr. Jabbawy, the Founder and Director of Internship Connection, works personally with each international student. There are many complex factors to consider when placing an international student in an American business or workplace. Dr. Jabbawy provides each student with a more personalized service depending on individual student needs. That may include accompanying them to their workplace interview, ongoing support throughout the internship and visiting them on site.

In the initial meeting with each student, either in person or via Skype, educational and career goals are discussed. Dr. Jabbawy helps the student identify which type of internship would best match their academic interests. Her role is one of advocate and advisor.

During the internship, she communicates with the student’s workplace mentor to ensure that the student is comfortable and productive in their work setting and that the internship will enhance the student’s learning experience and academic resume. The student receives program materials that include: instructions and examples for creating a resume, tips for the workplace interview, and 3 journal assignments designed for reflection.


  • Our program for international students is designed for students with excellent English skills.
  • You must arrange for your own visa.
  • We can recommend a variety of short-term housing options in Boston.

A Sampling of International students:

Josh Hayden, from England – Boston TV Production Internship

Josh grew up in South Africa, Thailand, China and England. He had been accepted to University of Gloucestershire, England to study film and TV production, but like many British students, he contacted us about taking a Gap Year. Dr. Jabbawy connected him to a home-stay family and established an internship with a Boston media firm that has won many awards for their commercials and documentaries. Josh’s mentor told us that Josh became a valuable production assistant both on location shoots and in the studio, delivering tapes, editing film and lending day-to-day support in all aspects of business.

Josh’s journal entry:

The internship is going great I’m getting hands-on experience on sets as well as doing editing on the computers. I’m fitting in really well at work, everyone is friendly and supportive. My home-stay is great as well the family is very nice. Thanks for finding me the internship! – Cheers, Josh”

Cassio Domingues, from Brazil – Boston Startup Internship

Cassio had been accepted to Babson College as a January freshman. He felt that experiencing an internship before college, in the fall, would accomplish many things: He would become accustomed to the city and its transportation system and he would have the opportunity to gain practical business experience. Dr. Jabbawy met Cassio and his family at their hotel to get acquainted.

Cassio stayed in a short-term rental apartment in the Back Bay area of Boston. Dr. Jabbawy helped him create a resume, prepare for his interview and established an exciting internship relating to entrepreneurship. Cassio interned at an early stage technology company in the communication and messaging space. Located in a building in the Mayor’s Innovation District on the Boston waterfront, Cassio was also exposed to other startup companies located in this business incubator.

In his journal, Cassio wrote:

“My experiences so far have been great. Since the day I started, Doug and Matt have helped me learn about every aspect in the company so that I would be involved to the fullest with all the company’s tasks and goals. I have worked in the marketing area, also I worked in organizing clients, giving opinions about the product itself, and testing to see if it was ready to launch. I am helping develop presentations to be used during demos, registering users, learning how to create Excel spreadsheets and researching competitors. The best part of my internship is facing and overcoming challenges. This internship has been a great learning tool for me in this stage of my life.”

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