Boston Theatre & Communications Internship for Katie


Katie contacted us from Taipei, Taiwan. A junior at the Taipei American School, her interests included theater and communications. With previous experiences in acting and directing, she was interested in a part-time internship in the States that would introduce her to marketing and public relations as well as leaving some time for college tours.

We arranged an internship for Katie that combined both of her interests. She was mentored by the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Wheelock Family Theatre in Boston. Katie told us that she gained insight into many aspects of running a theater including corporate media sponsorship, advertising sales and community partnerships. She planed to apply to American liberal arts colleges as a theater and communications major and planned to include her letter of recommendation from the Director in her college applications.

Boston Photography and Business Internship

Julia, a junior at Newton South High School, had a wonderful personality and a passion for photography, travel journalism and theater. She had taken photography courses throughout high school and a summer course at the Art Institute of Boston.

We felt that it would be important to show Julia how her love of photography could be turned into a practical career. We connected her to an artistically esteemed woman photographer who had been very successful building her business through social networking. Her clients included HGTV, Staples and more.

Julia became an apprentice in the studio and on location. She learned how to build a photography business, take professional headshots, family portraits and wedding photos. Most importantly, she learned about editing and client relations.

Her mentor wrote:

“Julia was invaluable as someone I could count on to manage my equipment, set up lights, keep track of the wedding day timeline, etc. She was also able to use her own camera and shoot during different portions of the day. Other days were spent in the office. Julia helped to restructure my online portfolio, prepare blog posts, inventory my equipment and even take a head shot of a client. I valued her perspective as fresh, insightful and constructive and have plans to hire her as an assistant in the future.”

Boston Graphic Design Internship


Will, a junior at Newton North high School, is very artistic and had taken graphic design and visual communication courses in high school. His goal was to gain exposure to the field in order to determine what type of college program he would be applying to. We matched Will to a comprehensive cross-media design firm in Boston that provides visual marketing solutions for web, print, digital and mobile. Will was encouraged to create logos and participate in all aspects of their business.

In addition, Dr. Jabbawy also arranged a one-time visit for Will to a national Brand Design firm. This company serves clients from Fortune 500 corporations, including Kodak and Nantucket Nectars. Both the Creative and Art Director were impressed Will’s portfolio and were happy to answer his questions about college. They talked about their own career paths, the importance of studying typography and the difference between majoring in graphic design at an art school vs. a university.

With both experiences fresh in his mind, Will now has a practical understanding of the field of graphic design.

A Rewarding Internship for a High School Senior in the Arts

Emily was a senior at Cushing Academy who loved the arts and working with children. Because she was thinking about becoming an art teacher, she thought that a classroom-based internship in the arts would help her to decide about a college major.
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Entrepreneurship Internship With MassChallenge Winners

Dan expressed a passion for business. As a junior at Newton South High School, Dan took business and entrepreneurship courses. We matched Dan to a start-up company which was one of the 2011 winners of the MassChallenge award for entrepreneurship.

This business was founded by 2 young CEO’s who conceived of an innovative online platform for matching artists to exhibit spaces. Dan interned 3 days a week and learned what it takes to launch a start-up, how to market and pitch to venture capitalists, and much more.

Dan wrote,

“The best part of my internship was attending the MassChallenge 5-Day boot camp and learning about basics of entrepreneurship (Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.) At one point, someone sat down and asked me about ArtVenue. It was my fourth day and I had to tell this person all about the company, business model, company goals, etc. I realized I had done a good job of observing my company and absorbing information by listening in just a few days to the point where I could describe the company to a stranger without help from my bosses.”

Dan sat in on meetings with lawyers and clients. Additional responsibilities were: Formulating and sending out responses to e-mails, researching and contacting potential customers, updating company CRM database (customer relationship management) and social network pages.

At the end of the summer, the CEO told us that Dan would be sorely missed and that he made a tremendous contribution to the team.

Sam, High School internship – Art and Design

Sam is currently the Creative Director at Overtone Studios, a cross-platform, gaming communications app for voice and chat technology. In high school, Sam was a talented artist and wanted to learn about potential art careers. We established an internship for him at Mystic Scenic Studios, a set design company whose clients included Walt Disney Studios and the Boston Ballet.

After Newton South High School, Sam went on to Cornell majoring in art with a BFA and continued on for his Masters Degree at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts graduate program in Interactive Telecommunications.
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Educational Internship for a High School Student in the Arts

Jessica was a talented artist and freshman at Buckingham, Browne and Nichols. In order to expose Jessica to a wide variety of arts fields, we placed her at an arts non-profit, the largest provider of arts outreach programs in Massachusetts’s schools.

A partial list of her responsibilities included: updating the performance requirements for 33 performers, making updates to their website, and working on a marketing project that involved uploading artist information and photos onto an Artist directory. Her most challenging project was creating curriculum support materials for classroom workshops.

In her journal entries, Jessica described her experience:

“The internship gave me my first real work experience, interacting with office members, working on projects. I also learned how to take the train by myself. I gained a lot of confidence and independence. I also felt self-satisfied because the work I did made a difference and it was acknowledged. I discovered that there are different aspects of art- the creation, the business side, and art education. I gained office and computer skills, especially using Quark, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Working on my projects taught me to be resourceful, meticulous, proactive and organized.”

In her glowing letter of recommendation, the program coordinator wrote,

“Jessica was our first high school intern, however, she quickly demonstrated skills and a level of maturity that outstripped many college interns we have employed. She has been a valuable asset to this organization and we are sorry to see her go.”

Jessica’s mother said, “I just want to thank you for finding Jessica this wonderful summer internship opportunity. All the folks there were fabulously nice to Jessica and made her summer experience very rewarding.”

Ali’s Art Education Internship in Boston


Ali enjoyed her experience as an assistant teacher. When we visited, Ali said, “A new class comes in every week with different kids. I’m able to observe a different dynamic in each class. We’ve been working on drawings, paper mache, clay and painting. I’ve been able to observe how teachers give demonstrations and I’m learning about classroom management. The art center is next to the T stop which is so convenient.”

Ali’s mentor was so pleased with her enthusiasm and work ethic that she offered her a part-time paid position during the year to help out at birthday art parties.

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