Ross’s Boston Journalism Internship

As career counselors and educators we love hearing from former students. Ross recently graduated from the London School of Economics. We wish him continued success on a very interesting career.

Enjoy our previous blog about Ross, one of our most dynamic students:

“During my high school internship at the West Roxbury Roslindale Transcript, my editor asked me to go around the city, interviewing people I had never met, researching and writing articles for the newspaper. I was thrown into situations that were completely out of my comfort level. Looking back on that first internship with you in high school, it really was then, when I began to develop the skills I am using today- going around the city, setting up meetings with new people and asking questions.”

 It’s been eight years since Ross was in our program and it was great bumping into him recently at a startup in Downtown Crossing. During the time we worked with Ross, he was a bright, outgoing high school student at Nobles and Greenough. Ross wrote for his school newspaper and was interested in developing his journalistic skills. We placed him with a newspaper editor who enjoyed working with young people and was very effective in teaching the basics of journalism.

Ross’s skills developed very quickly and he was given the responsibility of a field reporter. He had many interesting experiences, including an interview with Trot Nixon from the Boston Red Sox. Not only did his articles appear on the front page of the newspaper, but also Ross’s editor offered him a paid free-lance position during the year.

Ross Chanowski With Trot Nixon Former Boston Red Sox Right Fielder

Q: Ross, what are you doing these days?

A: Well, I recently left my position of manager of new business at Allen and Gerritsen and have ventured out on my own. I’m involved in the new field of 3-D printing technology and I’m working on the development of a tool for consumers to 3-D print household and office goods, instantly.

Q: How did you get interested in this field?

A: I became fascinated after reading about the technology, didn’t really understand it or know how to use it.  So, I’m spending time interviewing engineers and computer scientists in the field. I really think this will be the technology of the future and will change the way we manufacture goods.

I would love to teach kids about this new technology of 3D printing because it will be the next generation who will succeed in this new industry.

Q: What advice would you have for high school and college students?

My major at U Michigan was economic and public policy. My experiences ranged from working in start-ups, for Congressman Barney Frank on Capitol Hill and in new business and venture management for marketing agencies. I wanted a broad range of experiences and each one certainly prepared me for the next.

Ross’s advice:

– Always look for and be open to new opportunities

– It’s never too early to start networking

– Look for inspiration

Q: I recently saw you were interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, talking about your micro-apartment on the Boston waterfront.

A: I’m a big advocate of the startup community. Living on the Boston waterfront, I’m constantly meeting new people. From painters to musicians to engineers, they are all contributing to my own education and inspiration.

From high school intern to published writer in NYC


Hannah was a junior at Needham High school, interested in journalism and fashion. After meeting Hannah and learning about her interests, Dr. Jabbawy contacted three seniors at Harvard who had just begun a startup for collegiate women. It’s been very rewarding to follow Hannah’s career, since her high school internship at

Hannah (center right) with the founders of HerCampus is now the #1 global community for college women, written entirely by the nation’s top college journalists from 340+ campus chapters. Hannah was Her Campus’s first editorial intern in Summer 2010 and continued her involvement with HC as the High School Editor. Hannah was accepted to her dream school, NYU and while there, wrote for Washington Square News, blogs at Mademoiselle Hannah, and the Huffington Post Teen.

The following is her article on Internships:

Hannah went on to NYU where she studied journalism and history, becoming the assistant features editor at Seventeen Magazine. She has written for Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and is the dating editor of Elite Daily. We are excited for Hannah as she received accolades for her first novel, named “A Best Book of Summer” by Refinery 29, Bustle, and Pop Sugar.

A Boston Internship Related to Journalism And Business

Before she graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Lauren was a junior at Newton North High School where she was co-editor of the school’s newspaper. In order to be most effective for her role senior year, she wanted to gain exposure to newspaper editorial and marketing.

We matched to a Boston business journal and she wrote,

“Everything is going very smoothly. I feel very grown up driving into Boston and working in the Herald Media offices. I enjoy working with the publisher, editor and sales director. They are all very nice to me and I feel comfortable asking them questions. I wear a Herald badge and I’m treated with respect. This summer at Women’s Business is certainly different from the rest. I’m learning that organization is the key to success because journalism is very personal. From interviewing to phone calls, one must present oneself in an orderly manner and have a systematic approach.”

Publisher Vicki Donlan wrote Lauren’s letter of recommendation.

“Lauren was asked to write a spotlight article on three prominent women CEO’s and their business transitions. She did the interviews, developed the questions and wrote the article. Lauren’s writing skills are excellent and she was a great team player. She understood that the newspaper business has a large variety of necessary tasks and was willing to work wherever needed to get the job done. It was great having an energetic, young woman in the office.”

How a Boston Journalism Internship Led to an Interest in Government

Before she graduated from USC, Laura contacted us when she was a junior at the Cambridge School of Weston. She was the Co-Editor of the student newspaper and the school’s literary magazine and sought an internship in journalism. We placed Laura with the editor of a local newspaper where she refined her journalistic skills. Laura joined a team of reporters as they covered many community events. She learned how to interview, write and edit.

She writes,

“Covering so many community events has really peaked my interest in government. I’m more interested in law right now. While I learned so much about journalism on my internship, I’m realizing that I’d like to be involved in student government on campus.”

One of the most valuable aspects of internships is when they lead to a new path and direction for a student. For Laura, a follow-up internship in law or government would be an interesting next step as she continues to explore her career interests.

Hannah, High School Internship – Fashion and Journalism

Hannah is the Author of Playing with Matches and the Dating Editor at Elite Daily.

When Hannah was a junior at Needham High we placed her on two part-time internships relating to her dual interests: a fashion internship for Boston Designer Daniela Corte and a journalism internship with 3 Harvard grads, the Founders of Her Campus, an online magazine for college women. Hannah was always poised, diligent and appreciative of these opportunities.

She went on to NYU where she studied journalism and history, becoming the assistant features editor at Seventeen Magazine. She has written for Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and is the dating editor of Elite Daily. We are excited for Hannah as she received accolades for her first novel, named “A Best Book of Summer” by Refinery 29, Bustle, and Pop Sugar.

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