Boston Medical Research Internship for High School Junior


Nima has completed numerous AP courses as a junior at Belmont high and has volunteered in Tehran Hospital, Iran. We felt that Nima, because of his advanced studies, could possibly be a candidate for an internship relating to research. We matched him to a technology entrepreneur who is the founder of the Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis.

With the help of his mentor, Nima developed a research project and power point presentation entitled, “Biological Identities and Cell Mapping.” Through illustrations and a cell/organism map, Nima was able to show exact cell size using a relative scale, something that’s missing in biology textbooks.

In the IC Journal, What are you Learning about Yourself? Nima writes:

“I’m learning to become independent which is a very important quality in the medical field. I noticed that I have learned biology very well this year and it helps me on this job. I have also learned that asking questions can get you very far! My mentor is a very nice person and helps me whenever I need help.”

Nima tells us that this internship has certainly confirmed his interest in medicine and he looks forward to an additional experience in this field.

Boston Medical Internship for High School Student

Kelly, from  Brookline, MA, was a freshman at the College of William and Mary.  During her years at Brookline High School, Kelley expressed interest in medicine and community work. We matched Kelly to Healthcare for the Homeless, a walk-in medical clinic in Boston that focuses on community healthcare.

Her responsibilities included direct patient care: checking them in, taking blood pressure, pulse and temperature, and assessing glucose levels. Kelley tells us that working with this population was a profound experience for her and confirmed her career interests.

Her mother Nancy said, “It instilled a great sense of responsibility and it was a wonderful opportunity to try out something that might be interesting to her.”

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