Boston Music Internship

Alex, a junior at Thayer Academy,  is interested in pursuing a career in the music: production, business or management. We matched Alex to a young mentor who was recently promoted to Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at the BSO, a nationally recognized symphony orchestra. Alex took the train into Boston and worked in marketing where he learned a new computer program, worked on outreach and researched new prospects for advertising.

In her letter of recommendation, Alex’s mentor wrote,

“Alex quickly learned about the organization and its many facets. He rapidly got up to speed on the various orchestras and how they would play a part during our 50th season. Alex worked extensively on our current list of advertisers and successfully researched new, potential advertisers. He worked on FileMaker Pro to create a new, up-to-date database that was very user friendly.

Not only was Alex a tremendous aid to the marketing department but also to the other departments. He was always willing to help and very flexible in terms of what was asked of him. He was exposed to areas of Operations and Development, which I believe helped him to gain an overall view of the many of the functions of a non-profit music educational institution. He worked well with everyone and was always courteous of his fellow workers. He was a true team player.

I would highly recommend Alex and would happily have him return as an intern for another period. He was a genuine asset this summer and showed sincere enthusiasm for the job and the organization.”

Boston Music & Public Speaking Internship


A freshman at Newton South High School, Gina (pictured on the left) was skilled in instrumental music and languages. She  was interested in finding an internship where she could convey her expertise with multiple musical instruments as well as one in which she could develop her public speaking skills. We arranged two experiences for Gina. She became a part-time guide at the State House where she created a speech and led tours for international visitors.

In addition, she interned at a wonderful music school as an assistant teacher of instrumental music in children’s classes. Her mentor, Rachel was an outstanding Harvard trained arts educator who provided Gina with advice and inspiration. Rachel created additional administrative opportunities for Gina including parental phone contact and mini-research projects relating to operations. Rachel told us, “I was so impressed with Gina’s maturity and flexibility. She added such positive energy to our office.”

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