Boston Pharmacy Internship

Christos, a senior at Newton South High School, discovered that it was impossible for a high school student to secure an internship in a pharmacy. We arranged for the Assistant Director of a hospital pharmacy, who is also on the faculty of two Boston college pharmacy programs, to become Christos’s mentor for the summer.

Christos participated in pharmacy rounds to nursing units, became familiar with state-of-the art automated medication dispensing machines, and inventoried a wide variety of medications. He enjoyed working with the hospital staff and his experience has confirmed his interest in applying to college pharmacy programs.

Christos tells us, “One of the most effective aspects of the Internship Connection Program is the Guidelines for the Letter of Recommendation Form that is given to each student’s internship mentor. Completing this form gave my mentor a thorough idea of my academic interests and all of my responsibilities on the job, even those with other staff members.” Christos is including his recommendation letter from his mentor in his college applications.

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