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A Product Design Internship for a High School Inventor

Alex is a senior at Norwell High School and is a gifted young man with a passion for engineering, product design and consumer psychology. After meeting with Alex and observing his inventor’s journal, the Internship Connection designed a customized experience that would give Alex the opportunity to visit the top product development companies in New England. He was able to meet with CEO’s, engineers and product developers and receive a tour of their companies.

What did Alex Learn:

  • By utilizing the interview questions in the Internship Connection Program Journals, he interviewed the CEO’s to gain a comprehensive understanding of their engineering and design processes and products.
  • In addition, Alex learned about college programs that would best meet his interests. Each CEO was impressed with Alex’s interests and intellectual curiosity, and would like to hear from him in the future.

Alex writes,

“This internship has definitely impacted by goals for the future. I’ve learned so much about the difference between engineering, which solves a specific problem and industrial design, which seeks to look at the whole user experience. Now I realize that I should pursue a general engineering education in conjunction with liberal arts, as opposed to a specific product development path of study. I offer my most heartfelt thanks.”

Sam, High School internship – Art and Design

Sam is currently the Creative Director at Overtone Studios, a cross-platform, gaming communications app for voice and chat technology. In high school, Sam was a talented artist and wanted to learn about potential art careers. We established an internship for him at Mystic Scenic Studios, a set design company whose clients included Walt Disney Studios and the Boston Ballet.

After Newton South High School, Sam went on to Cornell majoring in art with a BFA and continued on for his Masters Degree at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts graduate program in Interactive Telecommunications.
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