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New York City Public Relations Internship

Kally from Scarsdale High School, enjoys writing, is interested in PR, fashion and event planning, and thought an internship in PR would give her insight into the day to day operations of an agency. We matched her to Whisper PR, an agency specializing in the fashion and beauty industries.

“Before this internship, my main goal was to figure out what PR really was. Now I’ve learned the ins and outs of public relations. I have compiled research, worked on mailings, designed press kit sheets and fielded phone calls. I learned that you must be extremely organized, especially with clients and that it’s important to take initiative.”

The agency was very involved with Fashion Week. The principal of the firm wrote the following in Kally’s recommendation letter. “Kally was responsible for working closely with Senior Account Executives on daily activities in an in-depth manner. She did an excellent job and we were very impressed by her motivation and work ethic.”

Public Relations Internship in Boston

Lindsey is pictured on the right with her mentor in the “Celebrity Room”. When celebrities come to Boston, they select items    for gift bags, similar to the Oscars.

Lindsey, a freshman at Ithaca College, School of Communications, is very personable, outgoing and possesses excellent communication skills. Because she is very interested in PR, we researched many firms in Boston. While most focus on science and technology, we thought Lindsey would enjoy a firm with a more youthful vibe. We placed her at one of the top firms in Back Bay, specializing in PR for fashion, restaurants and lifestyle clients.

Lindsey loved her work and the people in the office. She was assigned a variety of tasks, including providing assistance to managers with pitch efforts and press releases and planning décor for events. In her IC Journal called Taking a Risk, Lindsey described her feelings about a major assignment to secure raffle donations for the annual fundraiser for Zoo New England. “I was assigned this major project. I was a bit hesitant and wasn’t sure if I could take on such a big responsibility, but I asked my colleagues for suggestions and it ended up being a great experience.”

The principal of the firm wrote Lindsey’s letter of recommendation. “Lindsey’s maturity and precision were apparent in every project and task she was given. On the consumer team, she participated in the planning and execution of several high-profile projects. She led the effort to secure raffle donations for the annual fundraiser for Zoo New England and demonstrated her networking skills as she represented the face of the company to local businesses.”

Government Internship in Boston for an International Student

Dr. Jabbawy met with Ellie at her Boston hotel when her parents were visiting from China. Ellie, a student at Northfield Mt. Hermon,  participated in debate and writing for her school newspaper and had previously interned in a law firm in Shanghai. Because she became interested in political science and governmental relations and we were able to establish 2 part-time internships for her, one at the State House with the first, newly elected Asian State Representative and the second at a prestigious international governmental relations firm.

In her journal, Ellie wrote:

“I’ve been interning for three weeks and everything is going well. I really appreciate your help finding me housing. Now I only need to walk for 5 minutes to get to both internships. I didn’t expect that in each place, I would be the only high school student and the only international student.The work is very interesting and I get several projects to work on every day.

At the government relations firm:

I tweeted for clients, conducted research and drafted press releases. One time the HR manager asked me to go online and find potential clients for the firm. The senior vice president from the PR side was interested in an article that I shared with him and he asked me to write a pitch for this potential client.

At the State House:

The things I usually do include picking up the mail, drafting response to the constituents, going to intern seminars and hearings. The people are very nice and I’ve established close relationship with many people. There is always free food and this Wednesday there will be free Lobster!!

I think working in both places definitely integrated my knowledge about political science and public relations. I love my internships and thank you again for helping me find these great opportunities!”

In his letter of recommendation, the State Representative wrote,

“Ellie has been a wonderful asset to me and my legislative aide. Her strong communication skills have been invaluable when interacting with constituents… She was eager to attend hearings and legislative briefings and reported back findings to our office staff. On more than one occasion, she was chosen to introduce honorary speakers at the Legislative Intern Seminars, including MA Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray…I have no doubt that she personifies the character and skills of an excellent undergraduate student at your university.”

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