Engineering and Science Internship at a Great Boston Startup

Brendan, a junior at Carlisle High School,  is a very well rounded student who enjoys learning, especially chemistry and biology. Also, as a skier and outdoor enthusiast he became very interested in conservation and sustainability. Combining these interests, we matched Brendan to the CEO of a company that was developing an innovative and sustainable way to manufacture mosaics, using a robotic manufacturing process.


Brendan worked in production and conducted small engineering projects. He designed methods to unload tile tubes more efficiently, designing a stopper, creating a prototype and then testing the design.

In his journal, Brendan wrote,

“I learned a lot of math and science in school, but never had the chance to apply these concepts to real life processes. I enjoy discussing ways to make tangible systems more efficient and sustainable. An added feature of my internship has been the experience of working in a start-up company environment. I am gaining a lot of experience by observing my co-workers in action and watching how decisions are made and problems tackled. I love how the CEO and founders are in the same room as the production workers and engineers.

I was able to sit with the co-founder responsible for marketing who discussed strategies for marketing their products. We talked for about an hour about their evolution and also discussed the difference between working for a big company and starting your own. Now I have come to understand the difficulty of taking the initial risk and am inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and the hard work involved.”

The CEO wrote Brendan’s letter of recommendation:

“Brendan made an immediate impact with our engineering and production team. Despite being only a high school student, he was able to integrate well with engineers and offer insightful ideas. He quickly mastered the production processes and began working on ways to improve them. Brendan got his first taste of engineering by pinpointing problems, designing solutions, prototyping solutions and then fabricating those solutions. He designed methods to make our tile inspection station as automated and comfortable as possible. His insights allowed our full time production workers not only to work more comfortably and sustainably, but also to see new ways of approaching production improvements.

After being immersed in the startup environment Brendan has made it clear that he wishes to start his own company some day. He definitely has a passion for knowledge in many fields and I feel he is excited about combining technology with one of his broad interests, including, music, social sciences, sports, or conservation. I believe Brendan has the entrepreneurial and pioneering drive to make the strongest contribution to any college he applies to.”

Boston STEM Internship in Nanotechnology

Ben was a junior at Newton South High School and enjoyed Science and Math. He was thinking about applying to college engineering programs but wasn’t certain. We connected Ben to a start-up firm specializing in a new technology.

Ben wrote about his internship in his College Essay:

“After slipping into a white lab coat, I insert my hands into to tight latex gloves, carefully covering my hair with a cap made of thin, crinkly paper. I slide open the heavy rubber curtains, stepping into the clean room enveloped by dust-collecting styrofoam and silence. Facing me are two computers and a state of the art, half million-dollar Scanning Electron Microscope, powerful enough to see anything a few billionths of a meter in size.

I begin etching off misaligned carbon nanotubes through wafer scale electron beam lithography to design high-resolution features on test chips. Imagine computers that boot up instantaneously, cancer cells targeted at the molecular level a trillion bits worth of data stored on a chip the size of a postage stamp. I hope that someday I will contribute to the development of these exciting discoveries.”

Ben included his mentor’s letter of recommendation in his college applications. The Chief Scientific Officer wrote:

“I found Benjamin’s performance impressive. He quickly grasped the necessary points for working on an operation that was a crucial part of a very complex semiconductor process flow. He was interested in the field at a fundamental, scientific level. I would be very happy to have the opportunity to work with him again. He would make a valuable addition to any research laboratory or college program.

Ben’s high school internship at this technology start-up qualified him for a summer internship after his freshman year of college. He interned at a New York City investment banking firm specializing in companies that focus exclusively on this new technology. Ben conducted research, interviewed international CEO’s, and was listed as a co-author in their annual report. He writes,” It was an amazing experience. The other interns were MBA’s. Certainly, I was offered this opportunity because of the internship I had in high school.”

Boston Science And Writing Internship

Kathy Ma, a junior at Acton Boxborough High School, told us that she had several interests: writing, business and science. She writes for her school literary magazine and is on the regional science team, so we combined all of her interests by establishing a communications internship at a state agency for the development and promotion of Life Sciences.

Kathy interned for the Vice President of Communications. In her journal, she wrote, ” I write press releases, media advisories and emails. I’m involved in researching prospective companies and I’ve been able to sit in on conference calls as well as attend Life Science events and board meetings.

Boston Biotech Internship with Harvard and MIT mentors


Arjun, a junior at¬†Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School in Marlborough, MA, was interested in chemistry, biotech and chemical engineering. We matched Arjun to Novophage, a Cambridge-based Therapeutics company which was featured in MassHigh Tech magazine as ” one of the best start-ups to watch.” This company developed a cutting edge biofilm solution that is both eco-friendly and highly effective.

Arjun’s mentors were the founders of the company, graduates of Harvard Business School, MIT and Cornell. He was thrilled with the exposure he received and told us that what he most enjoyed was learning about lab techniques and standards, as well as the business side of a start-up.

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