A former Internship Connection Intern, now an Associate Producer at CBS News

I was thrilled to catch up with our former student Katharine to learn that she is now an Associate Producer to Bianna Golodryga at CBS News in NYC!

We placed her on her first internship as a student at Phillips Exeter.  Katharine graduated from Middlebury, began at CBS in NY as a News Associate and became the Executive Assistant to the President of CBS News before her current position.

She recently wrote, “Carole, it’s great to hear from you! Thanks for reaching out. I think about that internship so fondly and you were such a help. I hope you’re well!   -Katharine

                                                           Here is Katharine’s Story

Katharine, from Lincoln, MA was a sophomore at Phillips Exeter. We matched Katharine’s interests in broadcast journalism to a wonderful female mentor, the Executive Director of a Cable Television station. Tamarah spoke highly of her intern, “Katharine has been extremely helpful to our station. She has edited news segments that we’ve put on the air, worked on studio shoots, and is producing a 30 minute documentary on the prevalence of eating disorders.”

Katharine spoke about her internship in a community newspaper article,

“I was able to try everything from learning how to use the cameras, to editing to running the teleprompter during a live show. The great thing about working at a small station is you get so much hands-on experience.”


A Gap Year Internship in a Boston Film Production Company


Drew deferred his acceptance to Trinity, attended a 2 month film school in Maine and turned to us for an internship relating to film. We placed him at a production company where he learned all facets of film making in the studio and on sets.

Drew became a production assistant on location for shows being produced for Animal Planet and the Discovery and History Channels. Drew said the best part was working long days with the crew. The head producer was so impressed with Drew’s efforts that he actually offered him a job.

Boston Television Internship for Amanda

Last summer, Amanda was placed in the news division of a cable television station, where she learned how to use the camera, helped to create sets for shoots and established shots in the field.

“I valued the independence and how much the station trusted me to go out on my own with a ten thousand dollar camera! Too often interns don’t get much responsibility. I wasn’t copying papers and getting coffee. I had an amazing experience and was able to learn about the communications field and what goes into being a successful journalist.”

The news director spoke highly of her, “Amanda seemed to be a perfect fit for our news team.”

Boston Television Internship for Nick

Nick is pictured with his mentor, an extraordinary educator and Executive Director of the station.

Nick, an Austin Prep junior, is learning the ropes of television production. We established an internship for Nick that reflected his interests in television and his previous experiences in theater.

Nick created a stellar marketing piece for a community theater group, while at the same time, he learned all facets of TV production- camera work, interviewing, filming, writing and editing. Nick plans to use his film as part of his college application to NYU’s Film School.

Kiran Launched His Dream Career With A Boston Film Internship


Kiran was a sophomore in college when he contacted us about his interest in broadcasting/TV/film. We introduced him to a film studio in Boston that provides studio space for TV commercials and the film industry. His first experience at work included the Massachusetts Production Coalition Meeting where there were large groups of students, producers, voice over artists, and others in the film industry. During the meeting the producers of the new movie Ted 2 (with Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg) gave a talk about the making of the film.


Kiran worked on 2 soundstages that included wardrobe & makeup rooms, on-stage production space as well as a fully stocked in-house rental house for lighting, grip, and every type of production equipment. He helped to fill orders of equipment that other companies needed or were returning. He also conducted research to help expand the studio’s influence in the Massachusetts area, brainstorming with the director about ways to reach out through various social media channels and researched film festivals to find other avenues for promotion.

At the end of the summer, we presented Kiran with a list of production, broadcasting and sound studios that we had researched for him. Not only did Kiran gain practical experience in the field, he will have interesting contacts for the future.

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